How to Remove a Door Panel – Door Panel Removal Guide

A majority of car owners prefer to repair their vehicles on their own. For this reason, while maintenance process, one may need to remove the door panel to do repair easily. Door panel may need to be removed for a while at the time you are fixing power windows or locks, installing speakers, changing window cracks or replacing side mirrors and alike. In all these cases, you have to know about how to remove a door panel.

What you’ll need:

You require the following things to remove door panel of your car:

  • Car
  • Screwdrivers
  • L-pick
  • Ratchet and socket
  • Flashlight

Car Door Panel


  • First of all, you should look at the door and the panels for their attachment. In this way you are supposed to check whether they are connected through bolts and screws or they have snap in fittings. If there are bolts and nuts then you can use screwdriver or a socket. But if they have snap in fittings then you have to use a flathead screwdriver.
  • Now roll your car window down and start taking away the bolts and screws attaching the door panel to the car. But you have to be careful in case of snap in fittings while prying the door panel’s bottom corner, until the fittings pop out.
  • You must remove the control panel of the window if your car has power window. Then unplug the wiring bind from the back and put it to one side.
  • After that, come across the manual window crank by using L-pick and flashlight. Try to watch the back of the window crank and then slide the pick under. Remove the clip and after this pull off the crank.

Door Panel Removed

  • Take off the small screw in the center of door handle. Then pull the door handle softly. Now remove the handle by unclipping its rod. In case if the door lock and handle ate attached, discover the lock and unclip the rod to remove both of them.
  • Now, cautiously unscrew the cap from the door panel locks at the rear upper corner. These locks would not have a rod to hold them so you have to unscrew them from the door handle independently.
  • After you have removed everything now pop off the door panel. Pry the panel’s bottom edge softly and then pull out upwards to take away the door panel completely.

Remove the door panels of your car when you are doing any maintenance task is better as it avoids any possible danger that could take place if the door panels are attached to the car.

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