How to Remove a Stripped or Screwed Screw

When a person realizes that the head of the screw has been irreversibly mangled, then it has to be taken out. This was the real reason that had got one into a mess initially.

For this purpose, any type of drill can be used. A drill bit that has a diameter with enough size to drill out the center of the screw head will be perfect. In case of a Philips head screw, it will be good to look for a bit that just covers the star shape present in the center.

Drill Out

To start, one should slowly begin to drill the center out from the head of the screw. This will be done fairly fast. If the screw is of a type that it was soft enough to strip, it will mean nothing absolutely for a steel drill bit. There is no need to drill very deep, it should be drilled far enough that would help to separate the screw head from the rest of it. It will usually start spinning as it will separate.

Removing the Rest of the Screw

Removing Screws

Now when the head of the screw has been drilled out, the part which was being worked can be easily removed. This was the case of a brake disc. When the disc will come off the stump of the old screw can be seen. That has to taken out.

The Vise-Grips can be used for this purpose; they can be attached firmly to the stump. Is has to slowly unscrewed until the whole thing comes out. Now the work is successfully done.

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