How to Repair a Truck Bed – Truck Bed Repair Guide

A pick up truck is usually used to carry various heavy objects from one place to another. A truck has an element called Truck Bed which makes it particularly practical to bring the things or objects easily and securely. By the passage of time, a truck bed usually gets damages due to dents, nicks, rust, and scratches. If you have your pick up with damaged truck bed then you may probably think how to repair it. There are some tips that help about how to repair a truck bed.

Stopping or Preventing Rust on a Truck Bed:

On of the most probable cause for a truck bed to become damaged is rust. Truck beds are usually exposed to the elements every day but they are kept secured by paint and undercoating but after few years these shielding elements don’t provide with the demanding protection. When a truck bed gets rusted, it is essential for truck owner to repair truck bed for the better performance of its pick up.

Truck Bed

Bed Liner:

The most common and useful product to repair truck bed is brush on bed liner kit that is normally brushed on in the similar way as pain is painted. It is a liquid which is made up of polyurethane or rubber and too strong as well. This liquid bed liner is quite east to apply and takes less time for its application. It is inexpensive as well and cost just about $100 or less. Liquid bed liner prevents truck bed form nicks, scratches and rust.

On the other hand, if your pick up’s truck bed has too much rust and liquid bed liner is also not giving the required results then you ought to stop rust by removing it.


  • To begin removing the rust, you first have to come across the corroded or rusted area of your truck bed and then take away them by using pliers, metal cutters and tools alike.
  • Now, take a piece of metal of the size equal to the size of hole (1 inch to 2 inch larger) and use this piece to cover the hole so that rust could not get into the hole.
  • Make use of bolts for outside to tie the sheet metal with truck bed. It is better to use carriage bolts so that the bolts are flush with the sheet metal.
  • If you want to obtain better results then paint the metal sheet and the entire truck bed to secure the top of the truck bed from more scratches or damages.

Truck Bed1

Fixing a Dent on Your Truck Bed:

The truck bed of your truck may have dents on it which spoil the look of your vehicle. It is quite easy to repair dents as their repair process is pretty simple, demands least cost and minimum effort as well. As most of the dents do not bring scratches with them which means their repair procedure does not include painting the dent area at all.

Knocking out Dents:

The simplest way to repair dents on truck bed is to knock out the dent. It means you can knock back the dent if you have proper access to the underneath of the truck bed as in this case you can easily use a rubber mallet on the dent area.


Another way to deal with dents is to use gadgets that usually make use of the strength of suction to repair the dents. This is also a cheap approach although it does not offer required results in case if dents are very tough.

Truck Bed Liner

Repair through Hole:

Beside the methods discussed above, you may adopt another approach to repair dents on truck bed. In this situation, you have to make a small hole in the center of dent area and then insert a pulling tool in it. When the tool is inserted, pull it out which props out dent as well. After this, you may cover the hole with filler, sand it down and for a good look paint this area as well.

As truck bed is a most important part of your truck or pick up, it is harmful for your vehicle if truck bed is not in its appropriate condition. Truck bed should be immediately repaired if it has any type of damage at all. The best way to deal with these damages is bed liner.

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