How to Repair Dents on Car – Dent Repair Guide

It is quite impossible that a driver (even a professional one) have had not any mishap in his or her life while driving vehicle. Your car may have a dent in these accidents or mishaps. You don’t have to be worry about these dents as they can be easily repaired and you can repair them on your own as well. So, you just have appropriate knowledge about how to repairs dents on car and after this you will probably do it efficiently. The cost it takes to repair dents depends on the severity of dents.

How are dents caused?

Usually dents tend to spoil the overall beauty and splendor of your car. What type of car you may have, dents spoil its shiny and beautiful look in all matters. Even if they are quite invisible or too small to see, they hurt your vehicle’s outlook.

Remove Paintless Dent

There are certain causes that lead to dents. Let us discuss some of them:

Accidental scratches:

Your car may have a dent when you park it in a rush place and other driver just hit any side of your car, cause it to have dent. These mishaps usually cause dents in the form of accidental scratches.


Some people may cause your car to have dents just to make you angry for the sake of their pleasure and as a part of their daily misbehavior.


The following manner allows you to repair your car dent:

  • First of all, come across the center of your car dent and drill a hole there.
  • Secondly, put together the dent pulling tool with a thread and pull on tool until dent arises and squashed.
  • At the time when dent has come up, use hammer to make it level. While leveling the dent keep in mind that dent should be leveled from both sides. For this reason, you have to go underneath the car as well as behind the trunk.

Paintless Dent Repair

  • Now, apply the body filler on the dent area. The body filter more levels the dent and make it approximately proportional. And body filter also lets the primer to straighten out across the dent area.
  • Sand the dent area of your car with 36 grit sandpaper after the body filter has dried. It brings about more smoothness to the surface of body filter before applying primer to the dent area.
  • Now it is time to spray the dent area with primer. At least six times, primer should be sprayed on the dent area of your car. You must keep an interval of about 10 to 15 minutes among each primer spray to let it dry completely each time. So, overall six coats of primer will be applied in this step.
  • When the primer has dried, sand the primer to give it a smooth surface on which you have apply paint.
  • After that if you achieve this smoothen surface, you have to select the most suitable paint color which probably matches with the color of your car and then paint this. You have probably taken away the dent after the paint dried on your car.

These are some simple and easy to apply tips that let you remove dents on your car quite effortlessly and in less time as well.

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