How to Replace Tail Lights

It is illegal to take away your vehicle having damaged or broken tail lights. It is risky and perilous as well. It looks so appalling and shameful to drive with broken tail light as you can replace quite simply and easily. Now, let us talk about how to replace tail lights.

What you’ll need:

The following things will be required in case of replacing your vehicle’ tail lights.

  • Rubber gloves
  • New tail light bulbs
  • Wire brush
  • A clean rag
  • Screwdriver

Tail Lights 1


  • First of all, turn off the car engine. It will let you safe and secure while doing this task. Also wear rubber gloves ahead of moving forward.
  • After that, locate the bulb. The lens can be unscrewed from outside, on the other hand on some car models; you will find it within the truck only. If it does not have screws you have to work inside in this case. Now you may also make use of screws, small knobs that are required to be removed to access the bulb.
  • Now remove the tail light cover from the car with the help of screwdriver. Try to securely remove the cover so that it would not have any damage. Take away the cover until you access the bulb to extract it.
  • Remove the bulb by unscrewing it. In this way you have to press slightly and twist it.
  • Now take the extracted bulb to an auto shop. Buy a bulb similar to it. Confirm that you have purchased the bulb of same size. Otherwise, your car’s tail light would not work well.
  • Now check if the aluminum casing of your tail light is rusty or grimy, clean it out with the help of rag. Clean the wiring and socket with a dry cloth as well.
  • At this moment, screw the new bulb (you bought) in the socket. You will have to push as well as screw the bulb again. Carry out this task carefully to avoid any damage to the bulb.

Tail Lights

  • After screwing the new bulb, put back the tail light cover while screwing it. Try to screw it as tightly as possible.
  • To check whether your new tail lights are functioning properly or not, ask your friend to stand at a distance and see if the tail lights are working well. After this, turn on your car’s engine and apply breaks too.

Try to replace the damaged or broken tail lights of your car as soon as possible to keep away yourself from probable risks and accidents. Follow the given steps to be safe and sound by replacing your car’s tail lights.

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