How to Replace the Oxygen Sensor Engine Light on a Ford F-150

Your Ford F-150 dash has an oxygen sensor light on it that is in fact the “Check Engine” light. As bulbs usually burn out easily with the passage of time so you may have to replace this oxygen sensor light. Removing or replacing this light is quite a simple process although you have to first remove the gauge cluster for this reason. While removing the gauge cluster you must pay extra attention, as the gauge-face needles break promptly. Let see how to replace the oxygen sensor engine light on a Ford F-150.

Things you’ll need:

You will probably need the following things:

  • Screwdriver
  • Socket wrench
  • Socket set
  • 1/8-inch pin punch

Engine Light Ford F-150

Step 1:

First of all, disconnect the negative battery cable. Then make loose the nut on the cable clamp and slip it off the negative battery terminal.

Step 2:

Now fell them on the plastic covers on the steering column side and it will take out them.

Step 3:

Set the headlights to the “On” position. Then pull the headlight stalk out, away from the steering wheel. Put a pin punch in the small hole on the stalk bottom. Normally stalk will come out as you will rotate it to the “Off” position and next back to “On.” afterward pull off the stalk straight to the column.

Step 4:

Next unplug the three wires that are connected to the headlight stalk.

Step 5:

Come across the seven screws that are grasping the bezel in place around the gauge cluster and remove them as well

Step 6:

Pull off the bezel from the gauge cluster’s front.

Step 7:

Take out the four screws that are grasping the cluster to the dash.

Step 8:

Then pull the cluster out of the dashboard.

Step 9:

Now locate the electrical plugs (two of them) in the rear of the cluster and remove them.

Step 10:

Come across the back of the cluster and find a bulb there which is that lighting up the “Check Engine” light for the oxygen sensor.

Step 11:

Now turn this bulb in anticlockwise direction to let loose it, and then take it out of the cluster back.

Step 12:

Put in the new bulb.

Step 13:

Bring all the components back to the dashboard but in reverse order of removal.

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