How to Replace Turn Signal Relay

The easiest systems in the car to troubleshoot are the turn signals. The signal flashers will either work or not. Troubleshooting the turn signals is not very difficult. If the turn signals stop working, it may be either rapidly blinking or coming out without blinking or it may be doing nothing at all.

These symptoms have good news and point to two possible issues, a dead bulb or a bad turn signal relay. If the signals are blinking very fast then there is a bulb out on that side. If it doesn’t blink or come on at all, the turn signal relay will have to be replaced. It is very to do and they are never costly.

Replace Signal

Separate flasher relays are present in some vehicles for turn signals and hazard lights. One must make sure to check both of these systems while thinking about signal relays. Hazard lights are very important.

If the turn signals are not doing their work properly and they need to be replaced, following is a short guide;

Replacing the Turn Signal Relay

Turn Signal Relay

It is easy to replace the turn signal relay. It is one of the easiest repairs one will ever do.

  • The relay cluster has to be located first. This can be found by consulting the car manual.
  • Find the turn signal relay. This can also be found in the car owner’s manual and if it’s not there then the car’s service manual can be consulted.
  • When the relays are seen, the old turn signal flasher relay can be removed and replaced with a new one. There is no need to worry about installing it incorrectly as it will go in the right way.

Now the work is finally done. One can drive safely on the road.

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