How to Sand a Car

Painting a car is a time consuming procedure especially one of its most important step is sanding your car. It is quite a demanding job to sand a car and to perform this task efficiently you need to know about how to sand a car. You may bring your car to an automobile repair shop to sand it or even can do it on your own too.

What you’ll need:

The following things are required to sand a car.

  • Sanding Pad
  • Sandpaper (#120, #320, #200, and #600 Grit)
  • Air compressor
  • Powder sander
  • Wood block
  • Dry cloth
  • Dust mask

Sand a Car


  • All areas of your car where you will apply paint needs to be sand out. Now prepare your car by taking away all the foam and plastic parts from your car. Removing additional parts from your car while sanding it prevent then from damage and simplify your work. You may need to remove headlights and tail lights of you car. In case, if your car has trimming, take out it as well. Remove all other remaining emblems and decoration.
  • Now make use of a sander to begin sanding your car. Sander is use to remove all rust, corrosion and other types of materials from your car surface. It is advised to use sander in a back and forth motion in a straight line to get desirable results. You may change sand pads depending on the level of damage or corrosion.
  • After using power sander now get an air compressor to eradicate the grime and dirt missed by the sander. Air compressor removes all remaining dust from your car and provides it with a clean and fresh look.
  • After that get a wooden block and wrap it with#120 grit sandpaper. Now go in a straight way, and sand the areas which are quite hard to reach to (for instance areas around the doors, trunk, and the hood). To obtain more refined and fresh look without any scratches you may use #200 grit sandpaper, #320 and even #600 for better results.
  • Now again take air compressor and take away dust with it. Utilize a dry cloth to wipe up the entire surface of your car. Now thoroughly look at the car’s body and keep sanding and removing dust by air compressor until all dirt is removed.

Some Tips

There are some useful tips that probably benefit in while sanding your car.

  • You are recommended to sand your car in a well airy area.

Sand a  Car

  • Depending on your car’s condition and the paint color you want to apply on your car, you may just need to remove the car’s clear coat, rather than sanding everything down to the metal.
  • To keep yourself safe, you must put on a dust mask during sanding.
  • Confirm that you sand straight to put off scratches

It takes time to sand your car but if you carry out this task efficiently you will get desirable results and smooth look of your car before applying paint on it.

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