How to Three Point Turn Guide

A three-point turn is a driving technique that offers the skilled drivers to take out their vehicles on road more confidently. Although; inexperienced drivers might not be able to do it efficiently and usually get into trouble. Let us briefly discuss how to three point turn your vehicle.

When Is It Necessary?

Sometimes, you may require changing your car’s direction, putting it in reverse direction and going in the opposite way, for this situation a three-point turn is important for you. It is perfect for the conditions when you are unable to make a proper U-turn due to the narrow road. This turn is useful in case if there is not any traffic on the road and you have properly considered your shoulder, road width and the size your car as well.

Three Point Turn


In various driving courses, mostly students are trained to make a three turn efficiently in such a way that it would not damage any other vehicle. There are some tips and instructions that lead to make a proper three turn easily.

  • First thing you have to do while making a three turn is to check the traffic conditions. Look if there is traffic at the back and in front of you. You are advised to carefully observe the traffic before you make a three turn.
  • After properly analyzing that there is not any traffic on the road that may cause risks while turning now turn your car to the left or right, until unless you are perpendicular to the road.
  • It appears quite difficult for a number of drivers to drive their cars perpendicular to the road. In this case, go back and forth a number of times, while turning the steering wheel from one side to the other..
  • Once you drive your car perpendicular to the road, now set your car in reverse direction. Drive back up while moving straight across the other side of the road, as much as your car can go.
  • Now put your in first gear and promptly verify over again if there is traffic

Three Point Turn

  • After that turn the steering wheel of your car in the direction towards the path you are going and step on the gas, to end the turn.
  • While driving forward in the path, straighten your car and carry on driving

In the beginning you may find it quite tricky to make a three turn although once you get it correctly it may be very helpful for you in your future.

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