How to Touch Up Car Paint Guide

Everybody likes his car to have a shiny and glossy look with shimmering and perfect paint on it. It is absolutely irritating to find a scrape on its beautiful shiny look. Although you may get back your car’s beauty again but fr this course you have to know about How to Touch Up Car Paint

What you’ll need:

You will require following things to touch up your car paint.

  • Car
  • Sandpaper
  • Car paint (the same color as that of your current paint job)
  • Goggles and gloves
  • Car wax
  • Hairdryer

Touch  Car Paint


To touch up your car paint, these steps would probably help you out.

  • First of all check which areas of your car need to be repaired. You will come across lots of areas in this way which you were considering fine but they require touching up and have dents and scratches on them as well.
  • Then you have to find the paint that most suits your car’s paint as it gives your car glossy and gleaming look and if you picked up the color that does not completely match with your car’s paint then you will get intricate results at last. So be careful while choosing the appropriate paint for your car. And buy the paint in quart or pint quantities if you feel that a large area needs touching up.
  • Next ahead of touching up your car, wash it and let it dry completely. Hen sand the area by using sandpaper.
  • Don’t forget to slip on a pair of gloves as well as goggles to keep protected your hands and eyes from paint.
  • Now, apply a clear coat layer to the problem area. This is significant in case if you have to fill large spots. Don’t forget to follow the instructions given on the paint; as sometimes brands have dissimilar processes
  • Before start painting your car, find a hidden area of your car where you can apply that paint to test it. If you are satisfied with this then apply it on your whole car.
  • Try to apply the paint with a back and forth motion and in straight and even patterns as well. While doing this verify that you partly cover the first spray and the edge of the second one, by as a minimum half the original width.
  • Now add wax to the area you painted to finish touching up. After that, buff the touch up paint work.
  • To give it smoother as well as shinier finish you may employ a hairdryer to heat the area up.

Scratches and scrapes give your car a bad look but you can easily take away all these things by painting your car properly. So follow the mentioned steps and get better results.

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