How to Troubleshoot Ford Super duty Brake Light Problems

Your Ford Super Duty may have brake light problems caused by a number of reasons. For instance it may take place due to a faulty fuse, a blown bulb or damaged wiring at the housing terminal. Usually it happens due to brake light switch failure. Read this article to know how to troubleshoot Ford Super duty light problems.

Step 1:

Begin with checking the fuse. This is obviously the first step you are supposed to carry out to when troubleshoot brake light problems. Take out the fuse panel underneath the steering wheel by pulling it downward. In some F-series Super Duty trucks you will come across a release latch which you have to lift up to remove the fuse panel cover. Now take out the fuse for the brake lights by means of the fuse puller on the fuse cover. You can do this in a better way if go after the fuse diagram. In case if the fuse is blown, take a new fuse of the same amperage to replace it.

Ford Brake Light Problems

Step 2:

Now come to the brake light bulbs and check them as well. Bulbs usually blow out, so keep checking them every six months. To check the bulbs, simply turn on the headlights. Normally it does not happen that both brake lights would be out at the same time; check the brake lights to ensure they light up. To be sure about brake lights, take out the bulb from the housing. Get to the bulb underneath your vehicle. Then take away the wiring running to the brake light weight and take out the bulb by turning it in anticlockwise direction then pull the bulb out of the housing. Test out the filament to ensure it is fine

Step 3:

After that, test out the wiring running to the brake light housing. If you find there any substantial damage to the wiring, contact a professional mechanic to repair it.

Step 4:

Now carry on to test out the brake light switch. You can simply press on the brake pedal to check the switch. If there is everything in its appropriate condition for instance bulbs are not blown, plus the fuse is not blown, and the wiring is in its fine shape at all but still brake lights don’t illuminate, then surely the problem is a flawed brake light switch. Ask a professional mechanic to deal with this flaw.

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