How to Tune VW (Volkswagen)

Volkswagen (VW) was originally founded in 1937 by the German Labour Front and it is one of the oldest auto industry brands existing in the world today. The brand focuses on cost-effective cars rather than vehicles that are speedy. However, it never means that VW cars are not suitable for efficiency and speed. Polo and Golf are the most up-to-date generations of the VW at present and have the ability of being tuned up for momentum and they can even could be employed for track racing after the modifications. There is an extensive range of vehicles from the modest MK1 Golf Gti to latest Iroc V8 engine vehicles and many others.


Looking at the engine enhancement of VW, the engine, handling system and gap of VW vehicles is at a clash for each model. These are those qualities with which every car comes on the road. Acquiring the modern VW Polo and VW Golf will be a good start for making a powerful tuned-up and modified VW vehicle. An entity with a powerful sufficient engine must be surely acquired so that there is no longer need to find a new set of engine. Some main engine capacities for normal engine performance are 1.3L and 1.4L. If the budget is ample, then 1.6L and 1.8T will be wonderful.

Next possible tuning can be up gradation of exhaust system. The effective way of fine-tuning the VW engine would be to balance the air intake and exhaust system. A variety of air-intake upgrades can be seen that one can do. It has to be made sure that the exhaust system is working properly for better engine performance. Once all of this is completed, the VW’s improved transformation should be detectable.

2008 Volkswagen Golf GTI Pirelli Girl

The next is the VW’s differential. The top choice should be the slip diff which is electronically controlled. If one does not plan to race with VW then it will be an absolute waste of money. A torque started LSD in this regard would be a wise choice, it is not very costly and is capable of providing a considerable raise to VW’s performance. Additionally, it is suitable for almost every weight situations.

The diesel tuning kit is a tuning box for VW diesel engines useful in enhancing motor power consuming less fuel. The advantage of diesel tuning kit is more as compared to chip tuning because one does not need to open the electronic control box for transforming the vehicle’s original system. The tuning unit can be easily mounted and removed when needed.

Other tuning benefits of VW consist of tire replacement for driving comfort and weight management. There is a range of variety in tire selection and is easy to find. There are luckily a huge number of high quality tires for VW. As weight reduction is concerned, changing the bonnet and front wings with carbon would give more advantages that every tuning admirer would like to have.

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