How to Wash Your Car like a Pro

Every car owner wants his car to have a gleaming, shiny and shimmering look that attracts anybody else in its first glance. Although it is not too difficult to posses this glossy look at all but needs some sort of particular steps and procedures to get it.

If a car is properly washed then it definitely gives better look as well as performance. To wash your car in appropriate manner you must know how to wash your car like a pro. It takes only 10 minutes to do this task if done by two persons and takes about 15 minutes if a single person carries out this job. Lets us see how it will be performed.

Wash  Car like  Pro

Things you’ll need:

The things you will require for this course include:

  • Two Wash mitts, one good and one for the dirtiest parts
  • Wash sponge
  • Car wash soap
  • Bucket
  • Hose
  • Bug and Tar Remover (non-compulsory)
  • Brake Dust Remover (optional)
  • Chamois or cotton towel
  • Paper Towels (elective)
  • Window cleaner (optional)

Step 1:

To begin one must have to bring his car to a shady place as it is very important for washing a car well. And in case if you can’t find place like you want then you are supposed to wait for the time until the sun is almost setting.

Step 2:

Now make a mixture that you will apply on your car during its washing. For this reason, put the soap in the bucket and after that fill it with sufficient water. Avoid putting more soap in this mixture as recommended as it will make it difficult to wash your car and will not give it shiny look what you actually want for it.

Step 3:

Now you must spray water on your entire car in the way you are washing it off. This results in making the metal cool as well as helps to clean the outer layer of dust on it.

Step 4:

Now, get hold of your wash mitt or sponge. It is better here to make use of mitt as it better reduce scratching. Now begin with one side of your car, washing half of your car roof, then windshield, side windows and finally rear window. In case if you can’t get to the roof you can use wash mitt on a handle and also confirm that you pick up your windshield wipers to get beneath them.

Step 5:

Now got to the hood, front, the front fender, side doors, rear quarter panel, and rear on one side of your car. This means you washed the cleanest part of your car first and then moved to the dirty parts. When completed, now go back under your fenders and rocker panels to clean them.

Step 6:

After doing it one side, make it clean with the hose, then go to the other side at the same time as having hose in your hands. Do again the same process with other side.

Step 7:

Now make sure that you did not leave any bug on the front if it is there then make use of Bug and Tar Remover and apply it on the front as well as on the side mirrors, and the windshield. Utilize sponge to remove the bugs, and then clean it off.

Step 8:

The last but not least thing you have to do now is to wash your car wheels. For this course, spray brake dust remover on the wheels on one side and move to the other side and then spray those as well. After doing this move to the first wheel you were spraying on and then start washing it. Take hose in your hands while cleaning your wheels. Don’t forget to wash the tires and the underside of the wheel as well.

Step 9:

Now it is time to dry off your car and you can use chamois or all-cotton towel for this purpose. Begin with the top and then move down as you did while washing your car. If you find some areas still have dust on them then wash them with elbow grease, and after washing make them dry as well.

Wash  Car like  Pro

Step 10:

Windshield and other windows definitely attract ones attention whether they are clean or dirty. So pay attention while washing these windows and begin with the inside and finally ensure that you have dried them well by using paper towels to avoid fogging especially on cold mornings.

Tips & Warnings:

  • You are recommended to make clean your mitt in the bucket to prevent scratching your car’s finish.
  • Try to wash your car in a back and forth motion just like you are using a typewriter. This will help you take away each and every scratch.
  • It is very good approach that you wash your car with a companion with you so that you both can do both sides of your car at same time.
  • If possible for you then try to wax your car every three months as it is better to wax your car then washing it ever week.
  • Avoid using dish soap or any rather than the soap especially for cars as it will result in scratches as well as removal of wax on your car. It is better for you to adopt this approach to put aside a lot of money.

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