Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell EV

Hyundai revealed the latest iteration of its FCEV (Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle) program, built upon a new Tuscon ix SUV.

And it’s far from just a study concept, as the Korean company has plans to mass produce fuel cell cars by 2015.

This new model features a new type of modular fuel cell system that is downsized by 20percent than the last one and yet offers twice the range. It is capable of 650 km on one charge which is remarkably more than the 370 km of ix35 revealed in 2010. That’s the same range you get from a petrol powered car.


Comparison of new Tucson ix FCEV (3rd generation) and Tucson FCEV (2nd generation)

Further Readiings:

SPECIFICATIONS Fuel Cell Stack 100kW 100kW
Drive System 100kW 100kW
Energy Storage System 21kW
(? Battery)
(? Super Capacity)
Hydrogen Tank 700bar
(Hydrogen : 5.6kg)
(Hydrogen : 3.5kg)
PERFORMANCE Maximum Speed 160km/h 160 km/h
Gasoline Equivalent
Fuel Efficiency
31km/? 27 km/?
Max. Driving Distance
per single charge
650 km 370 km

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