K-Tec Renault Clio

A new tuning program for the Renaut Clio RS is available from K-Tec Racing. The kit covers the popular RenaultSport Clio 197 and 200 models.

Mindful of the need for additional low rev urge, the KTR215 upgrade adds an extra 12lb.ft of torque at 3600rpm, with an additional 10lb.ft on tap between 5200-7500rpm. Combined with a revised drive by wire throttle map, throttle response and mid-range pull are greatly improved, making the Clio 197/200, faster and easier to drive. Priced at £1366.80 fitted, this pacakge is an easy and rather affordable way to make a fun car even more interesting.

The visual upgrades are on you and K-Tec does not interfere!


K-Tec press release:

Extensively tested on K-Tec Racing’s in-house Superflow chassis dynomometer and in a wide variety of road / track conditions, the KTR215 package consists of the following components:-

  • 1 x set of Cat Cam 402 high performance billet steel camshafts
  • 1 x genuine Renault cam timing belt
  • 1 x set genuine Renault camshaft caps
  • Installation by K-Tec Racing’s technicians
  • Bespoke K-Tec Racing OBDII ECU remap

Once installed, the KTR215 upgrade makes a significant difference to the RenaultSport Clio 197/200s’ performance. Thanks to careful development of the revised cam profiles and ECU remapping by K-Tec Racing, the package adds both power and torque throughout the rev range.

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