Kia Soul Flex

If you are familiar with the previous special edition versions of the Kia Soul, you are probably thinking that the Flex is another funky and cool model designed just for fun!

But no, Flex actually hints at the car’s powertrain which is capable of running on Bio Ethanol. It is the first Korean FFV (Flexible Fuel Vehicle) which can run on an ethanol-gasoline mixture, 100% ethanol or 100% gasoline.

The Flex is unveiled at the Brazilian Motor Show and is exclusive for that market as well. Brazil is the world’s second biggest producer of ethanol, so they will have no problem feeding this car.


It makes total sense for them using ethanol instead of gasoline, becasue it’s cheaper, cleaner, and has and superior power (128 ps) and torque (16.5 kg-m) outputs. Differences from the gasoline model include the newly adapted fuel injection & catalyst system as well as engine compression ratio – changes which combine to achieve enhanced fuel.

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