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Ask most people what they think of when they hear the name Las Vegas, and they will say casinos. Indeed such is the fame of Vegas as a casino gambling town that even events taking place in the resort which have nothing to do with casinos – such as the Viva Las Vegas Car Show – pay homage. After all this classic car show is named after a famous Elvis song which is all about hitting the tables at Vegas casinos.

The Viva Las Vegas Car Show is more about checking out some of the great car models from American automobile history, and the 2013 event certainly delivered once again on that score. Pride of place (and the award for best custom vehicle) went to a refurbished 1950 Mercury – which had been given a truly pristine restoration to bring it back to former glories – but there was plenty of competition from the array of dragsters, coupes, hot rods and gassers on display there. Indeed one of the other particularly memorable classic vehicles proved to be the Iron Mistress, an A/Gasser which had emerged in good shape from the 1960s gasser wars.

Other highlights of this year’s show included the impressive and varied selection of vintage vehicles entered by the Pharaohs of Oxnar, which included a number of pre-1963-model trucks and a spectacular Oldsmobile from the 1950s.

Las Vegas is also going to be host to an amazing car show called the super run, here all models and years of cars are welcomed to the show so that you can enjoy your favourite types are seeing something new and exciting every show. This is just what other people though if you own a car then why not bring it down.

It’s not just about the love cars them as the super run car show in Las Vegas also has many different cash prizes that adult to over $15,000, there are also over 260 awards that can be given out for different categories. Your car does not even have to be the best looking of the most interesting to win one of these awards is there are many categories devoted to how your engine sounds or creating a great burnout for example. So if you are all about tuning your engine to perfection then you might still be able to win an award.

These car shows demonstrate that Vegas is about more than just poker, roulette, blackjack and mobile slots. Of course the resort’s many top class casinos will always be a pull, especially given that they offer so much other entertainment alongside the slots and table games, but it should be remembered that they are not all the city has to offer visitors.

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