Lexus CT 200h Against Rivals

Lexus could banging on about the CT 200h’s good features for ever, but they decided to make it more understandable for customers by comparing what it has to offer against the main rivals in today’s market.

Like So, you get a better grasp of this premium hatchback’s capabilities as a hybrid and given the price and everything you can decide if you want this, or just prefer one of the others listed here.

The Ct 200h itself has a base price of £21,287 and also has tax and congestion charge benefits.


Cost comparison – Benefit-in-Kind taxation over three years
CT 200h’s sub-100g/km CO2 emissions (94g/km subject to homologation) mean that it attracts benefit-in-kind company car taxation at only 10 per cent. The impact of this compared to the tax charges on its main market rivals over three years is shown in the table below: in terms of tax, CT 200h can save a company car driver more than £90 a month.

Purchase date April 2011 Lexus CT 200h SE-I Audi A3 2.0 TDi SE (MT) Audi A3 2.0 TDi SE (A/T) BMW 118d SE (MT) BMW 118d SE (A/T)
BiK 2011/12 10% 13% 18% 13% 21%
BiK 2012/13 10% 17% 19% 17% 22%
BiK 2013/14 10% 18% 20% 18% 23%
BiK total (40%) £2,753 £3,990 £5,068 £4,161 £6,076
Variance vs CT 200h +£1,237 +£2,315 £1,408 +£3,323
Monthly variance vs CT 200h +£34 +£64 +£39 +£92

Cost comparison – Retail, Company Car Driver and Company Car Operator
The new CT 200h can deliver cost savings to private owners, company car driver and company car operators, thanks to its combination of low emissions-linked taxation, high fuel economy and residual values, low service, maintenance and repair costs and a 100 per cent write-down allowance against Corporation Tax in the first year.

The table below shows that, compared to its principal rivals, CT 200h can save drivers more than £3,000 over three years or 60,000 miles. And for businesses choosing it as a fleet car, the savings can be well in excess of £7,000.

3 years/60,000 miles Lexus CT 200h SE-I Audi A3 2.0 TDi SE (MT) Audi A3 2.0 TDi SE (A/T) BMW 118d SE (MT) BMW 118d SE (A/T)
Retail Total cost £21,287 £21,828 £23,425 £22,943 £25,121
Variance vs CT 200h +£541 +£2,138 +£1,656 +£3,834
Company car driver Total cost £3,985 £5,312 £6,542 £5,513 £7,669
Variance vs CT 200h +£1,327 +£2,557 +£1,527 +£3,684
Company car operator Total cost (inc. WDA) £14,497 £18,938 £20,531 £19,957 £22,314
Variance vs CT 200h +£4,442 +£6,034 +£5,460 +£7,817

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