Lexus GS Technology Features

The new generation Lexus GS came as a bit of a surprise to traditional Lexus customers because of its radical new looks. Because of that of course it also found some new customers.

Now that the dust has settled on the car’s looks, let’s see what it has to offer in terms of technology. There is much more to the new GS than just a cool design. The new Lexus GS provides numerous improvements in a number of areas including design, packaging and driving dynamics. Its cockpit has also been enhanced to even more support the driver and his operations to minimise stress while driving and subsequently increase the comfort and security of all vehicle occupants.

Among those improvements the new GS now features an ultra-wide 12.3’’ LCD multi-information display, the largest yet installed in a production vehicle. The screen features an opening animation which can be customized and the dual screen now shows simultaneously two types of information to reduce the necessity of switching.


Check out details of the new infotainment and other features in the passage below:

The display is operated by the Remote Touch Interface which, in its second generation, resembles even more a computer mouse for a more intuitive operation. The ergonomic positioning of the RTI eliminates all unnecessary driver movements and ensures operability and comfortable armrest usability.

Furthermore the navigation system has been enhanced by using also TPEG (Transport Protocol Expert Group) data including TFP (Traffic Flow and Prediction) information, parking lot availability and fees which additionally allows to set a certain parking slot as destination.

The new GS is equipped with the next generation Mark Levinson ® Premium Surround Sound system. Using the new GreenEdge TM technology comprising ML5 fully digital (Class D) amplifier with an output equivalent to 835W, high-efficiency sound transducers and advanced signal processing, the new system provides enhanced dynamic performance, energy savings of up to 70% and weight reduction of 11% compared to previous system. It delivers higher resolution, lower distortion, effortless dynamics and transient response. The new GS is equipped with up to 17 ultra-high-efficiency speakers.

To further enhance the high sound quality level the vehicle interior has been modified. The changes include a reinforcement of door panel rigidity where the speakers are mounted and the implementation of speaker baskets to increase the speaker’s rigidity. Both measures contribute to suppressing vibrations which muffle sound.

Also the Head-Up Display (HUD)1 has been improved to enhance visibility. By implementing a wedge-shaped glass for the windshield and the PVC film for displaying information, the clarity of projection has been increased as well as double image projection avoided. The HUD now displays a wider range of information including SPORT mode (tachometer) display and ECO bar display in addition to the speed and audio display already implemented.

1Head-Up Display projects data on the windshield to avoid drivers having to look away from the road ahead.

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