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Slightly fresh exterior styling and added power for the 2.0T model is what’s new with the 2011 Audi TT lineup. There are two available models, and these include the Roadster convertible and the coupe hatchback.

In terms of capacity, the Roadster convertible can seat up to 2 passengers. The Coupe hatchback, on the other hand, can seat a total of four passengers.

The base Coupes and Roadsters are referred to as the 2.0T, which use a turbocharged 211 hp 20 liter 4-cylinder engine, which is a significant increase from the 2010 model that had 11 hp. These two body styles also come in the TTS.

There’s also the 2.0 liter 2-cylinder that’s turbocharged which, in this case, run up to 256 hp. All the TT vehicles are equipped with an all-wheel drive together with a 6-speed dual clutch automated-manual transmission that is designed to function similarly to that of an automatic. TTS also has a sport suspension with an equally sporty exterior for a style and interior trim.

Some of the available safety features on these TTS models include traction control, antiskid system, antilock brake system or ABS, and airbags on the front side.

Traction control system is designed to keep the driver from avoid losing grip when the car backs up, turns, accelerates or hits the brakes. With the traction control system, you maintain control of the vehicle.

The antilock brake system or ABS makes sure that your wheels don’t get locked when you hit the brakes. When the system detects that the brakes will lock the wheels, the pressure of the wheel is released and, just like with the traction control system, you keep control over the wheels. The antiskid system works with the ABS in mitigating skids. When the vehicle skids, the system will apply brakes via the ABS to keep the car on track.

There are also airbags in the front of the car for the passengers’ safety.

Standard features of the TTS models include automatic climate control and leather upholstery. Automatic climate control keeps the conditioning of the inside of the vehicle in check according the settings so that your ride is always comfortable.

Another standard feature of the TTS is the magnetic-suspension system – a feature which is optional on other models. This particular feature lets you customize the suspension settings for the driver’s comfort as well as high-performance driving.

Much of the report above is based on the evaluations on the 2011 Audi TT.

Expert evaluations reveal that the TTS model that comes with a navigation system rates higher than the general premium-sport performance car that’s within its class. The TTS gets a total expert rating score of 59, which is relatively higher than the average 53.6.

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