Looking at the 2011 BMW X3

Model Highlights

The BMW X3 has be subject to a redesign this 2011. This premium compact SUV shifts its production home from Austria to the United States. The 2011 X3 changed its size, and is now a bit taller, wider, and longer (and is obviously larger) than its older counterpart. It offer two trim levels too, both of which have the xDrive, BMW’s all-wheel drive, powered by a 3.0 liter inline 6-cylinder engine with an 8-speed automatic transmission.

There are two xDrive levels, namely the entry-level and the up-level. The xDrive28i (entry-level) runs on 240 hp, while the xDrive 35i (up-level) packs a turbocharged 300 hp.

For safety features, the model comes with airbags both on the front-side, curtain-side, and rear-side, antilock brake system, antiskid system, and traction control.

Air bags protect the passengers from getting injured inside the car in case of a collision. Upon impact, these airbags will inflate and cushion the passenger before them at their respective position. The front-side airbags protect the driver and the passenger seated at front. The rear-side protects those in the 2nd row seats. Lastly, the curtain-side is specifically meant to prevent passengers from hitting the windows.

The ABS, short for antilock brake system, keeps wheels from getting locked into the brakes. When the system detects that the brake will lock the wheel in place, it releases the pressure and lets the wheel loose, allowing it to continue to turn.

The ABS is also used by the antiskid system in its function. The antiskid system activates individual brakes when the system detects skidding. By doing so, the car is assisted back to its main course.

Lastly, traction control is what strengthens the car’s traction capabilities. Traction is what you call the grip that you have on the wheels of your car so that it can effectively accelerate, brakes, or make turns. Without this grip your car will skid. Traction control supports the vehicle by preventing grip loss, and skidding in general.

Other standard features include the BMW’s iDrive control interface, power seats, and keyless engine start. There is also a standard folding rear seat that is split 60/40.

The standard seat mentioned above comes with an optional 40/20/40 split. Other optional features include an electronic adaptive suspension, which comes with driver-selectable firmness settings, a power tailgate, keyless access, and a navigation system.

Take note that particular to this 2011 model, the keyless access and engine start are separate features. In most cases, these features would be treated as a set because they are closely related in terms of function and the technology used. But in this case, only the keyless engine start is a standard feature and the keyless access feature is merely optional.

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