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Even though it hasn’t been tested much yet, it can already be noted that what’s so unique about the 2011 Chevrolet Caprice is that, while it’s going to be available in North American markets, only police fleets will be able to use them. This model is also known as the Caprice Police Pursuit Vehicle (PPV).

Those who know the basic design of the Holden Commodore – a model produced by the Australian subsidiary of General Motors – will find the Caprice’s look very familiar, as much of the latter’s design is based on the former.

The PPV runs on a 355 hp 6.0 liter V8 engine. It’s capable of running on E85 ethanol-blended fuel. Also included with the V8 engine is General Motor’s c cylinder deactivation system, the “Active Fuel Management”. There’s a new versions that will run on a V6 engine that’s coming, and it’s going to arrive within the 2011. However, it will be released as a model for the year 2012.

There’s only one transmission type for the Caprice, and that’s the 6-speed automatic.

Safety features of the vehicle include the antilock brake system, traction control, antiskid system, front-side airbags, and curtain-side airbags. While these features are generally available in most other vehicles, the fact that they are equipped on a vehicle that’s mainly intended for police officers make them more relevant.

The antilock brake system, commonly referred to as ABS, makes sure that wheels of the Caprice don’t get locked when the brakes are hit. The system detects for any locks and then acts on it by releasing the pressure that’s applied on the particular wheel that was locked. This allows the wheel to continue to revolve and for the police officer to maintain control of the PPV.

Skidding might happen in certain police pursuits with the PPV, and this is where the antiskid system and traction control come in. Traction control provides a stronger grip for the PPV, especially when it turns, accelerates or hits the brakes. Without it the vehicle’s chances of skidding would be too high for safety. The antiskid system then takes over. When the system detects any skidding, it prevents the vehicle from getting thrown off course by using the ABS independent brakes on the wheels of the PPV.

Lastly, even a PPV would need airbags to protect its passengers. Airbags for the Caprice PPV are on the front-side and the curtain-side in order to protect both front and back seated passengers.

The Caprice PPV comes with two batteries, the second being meant to power assorted police equipment. The front seats of the vehicle have been designed to suit police work as well as allocating space for a police officer’s equipment belt. A touch-screen computer can also be equipped on the vehicle’s dashboard.

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