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Reports on the Cobalt show that the 2011 Chevrolet Cobalt is no longer available. There are, however, 2010 model examples that are available on some dealer lots, in case you’re interested. This is because the Cobalt is going to be replaced by the Chevrolet Cruz.

But if you want to know more about the Cobalt’s prices, ratings, and specifications, as well as see some of its photos, read on.

The Cobalt was redesigned so that one of Chevrolet’s best and most popular compact car series would be able to provide fuel economy and overall better driving performance to its passengers and driver – which is basically what General Motors declares to live for in the vehicle manufacturing industry.

Changes in the 2010 Cobalt revolve around the switching from a Delta platform to a Gamma one. But while this platform was primarily made by General Motors for the Opel and Fiat models, but we can only expect that the brand new model will be featuring the Gamma 2 structure. This means that there are improvements on the length and width, which naturally results to a larger sized model.

In terms of driving power and performance, the Cobalt uses a front-wheel drive system and runs on a 4-cylinder engine. The engine could either be 2.4-liter or 2.2-liter at your option. A turbo charging option is available as well, with the non-turbo version producing only 90 hp, which is essentially the standard performance of engines for base models in the European market. The changes for the Cobalt in this model year include an increase of power to 150 hp for more aggressive tuning.

Extra gears come with the Cobalt’s transmissions in order to cope with its low-end torque. Manual transmissions, however, will 6-speed rather than the typical 5-speeed transmission setting. As for the automatic transmission, the variation is proportionally the same, only that the change is from 4-speed to 5-speed.

To make the vehicle economize on fuel, the body of the vehicle makes use of lighter materials that don’t compromise the specified size of the Cobalt. The lighter the car is, the less fuel it basically consumes.

The Cobalt also had a lot of safety features. It had ABS or the antilock brake system, which is designed to prevent the wheel from being locked from revolving. When the brakes are applied and the wheel gets locked, the system detects it and relieves the wheel of any brake pressure, allowing it to revolve again. This gives the driver more control.

In addition to front-side airbags, it also has advanced airbag features to better protect the passengers inside the vehicle.

Other safety features of the Cobalt included daytime running lights, trunk release, auto crash notify, child seat lower anchorage, an energy management feature, tire pressure monitor, and adjustable upper belt on the rear seats.

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