Mazda CX-5 Gets Production Boost

The demand for Mazda’s new CX-5 is even higher than the best expectation the Japanese car maker had prior to launch the car. To keep up with the global demand for the SKYACTIV SUV, Mazda had to engage another production facility in production of this model.

Mazda will increase production capacity of its new crossover SUV, Mazda CX-5, from 200,000 units*1 to 240,000 units per year. This will be achieved by expanding production from Ujina Plant No.2 to also include Ujina Plant No.1. Upgrades to the assembly line are based on Mazda’s manufacturing system innovation called Monotsukuri Innovation*2 and will enable production of new generation SKYACTIV products at Ujina Plant No.1 earlier than anticipated.

We like Mazda because they never claim big, but they make awesome cars. The CX-5 is a prime example.


Mazda press release:

The CX-5 is the first model to fully incorporate SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY.*3 It has gained a reputation for offering both excellent fuel economy and an exhilarating driving experience. Since sales began in February, Mazda has received orders far surpassing initial estimations and upgraded its annual global sales target from 160,000 to 190,000 units for the fiscal year 2012.

As of July 1, CX-5 orders in Japan had reached approximately 24,000 units, more than doubling the annual domestic sales target in only four and a half months from the start of sales. The CX-5 is proving popular in overseas markets as well. For example, in Russia, Mazda’s biggest market in Europe, orders for the model already exceed 10,000 units, drawing close to the annual sales target of 12,000 units for that market.

Mazda’s representative director and chairman of the board, president and CEO, Takashi Yamanouchi said, “I am grateful for the high praise the CX-5 has been receiving from customers all over the world. This production capacity increase for the CX-5 demonstrates that we are working hard to deliver the vehicle to waiting customers as early as we possibly can. It will also help establish a flexible production system that enables us to produce new-generation SKYACTIV products at Ujina Plant No.1. I believe that it shows Mazda is making steady progress in optimizing its automobile manufacturing processes.”

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