Mean Green World Speed Record

Mean Green is a familiar name for truck fans, as well as speed freaks. It’s a Volvo hybrid truck that is built just for one reason: going fast.

The truck succeeded in its attempt to break its own speed record recently. ‘Mean Green’ achieved the following world record speeds: Flying Kilometre+ –236.577 km/h (147.002 mph) and Standing Kilometre – 153.252 km/h (95.245 mph) at Wendover Airfield in Utah, USA. The new world records are subject to FIA recognition, which will occur in about 30 to 60 days.

The previous record was 218.780 km/h (135.943 mph) in the flying kilometre+ and 152.253 km/h (94.605 mph) in the standing kilometre* – established in June 2011 at Hultsfred Airport in Sweden. What’s next then? 300 km/h?


Mean Green technical details:

Though ‘Mean Green’s modified aerodynamic body design bears little resemblance to a freight-carrying tractor unit, the truck is comprised almost entirely of production components from the Volvo vehicle family, including a Volvo VN cab and frame. ‘Mean Green’ features a highly tuned Volvo D16 engine and a modified version of Volvo’s automated I-Shift gearbox, which interacts with the hybrid’s electric motor. The combination of an electric motor and Volvo D16 diesel engine delivers 2,100 horsepower and nearly 6,780 Nm (5,000 lb-ft.) torque – of which, 200 horsepower and 1,200 Nm (885 lb-ft.) of torque come from the electric motor.

“We are very pleased with ‘Mean Green’s performance, especially at such a high altitude,” said Boije Ovebrink, ‘Mean Green’s driver and owner. “We knew Wendover would present challenges because it’s more than 4,200 feet (1,280 metres) above sea level.”


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