Mercedes CLS Gets Bang & Olufsen Sound System

Danish maker of premium sound systems Bang & Olufson revealed details of its bespoke system for the Mercedes CLS Class.

The new in-car audio sound system, entitled Bang & Olufsen BeoSound AMG High-End Sound System for the CLS-Class, will feature Bang & Olufsen’s signature design, and has all the power and uncompromising sound performance of previous BeoSound AMG Sound Systems. The amazing tailored system comes with 14 fully active loudspeakers, 1200 watts of ICEpower-driven technology and hundreds of hours of dedicated sound tuning by a team of Bang & Olufsen sound engineers.

All that is to provide the passengers with the clearest, most enjoyable sound experience. The in-car sound system will be available with all engine models across the AMG and Mercedes-Benz line-up beginning this summer 2012.


Details in B&O press release:

Distinctive Design

Creating a sound system for the CLS-Class was more than just about producing exquisite sound; it had to compliment the iconic design status of the CLS. The brainchild of the acclaimed Bang & Olufsen designer David Lewis, the system’s design flows with the lines of the interior, creating a seamlessly integrated whole. Combined with the system’s exclusive aluminium finish and sophisticated, yet understated elegance, even the most critical eye will be pleased by the result.

The system’s loudspeakers feature a delicate hole pattern carefully bored into the solid aluminium loudspeaker grilles and a laser engraved Bang & Olufsen logo, creating a stylish and refined look. The aluminium speaker grilles showcase the renowned company’s material processing skills based out of the company’s headquarters in Struer, Denmark.

Mounted on the inside bracket of each wing mirror, the system’s two acoustic lenses, or ALTs, feature integrated LED lighting, which highlight the connection between Bang & Olufsen’s well-known home audio loudspeakers, BeoLab 9. Controlled by a sensor under the rear-view mirror, the LED lighting shifts seamlessly between day and night mode and smoothly fades to meet the lighting conditions of the vehicle upon activation, a visually pleasing accompaniment to the system’s impressive sound.

A Powerful Soundstage

Bang & Olufsen’s Acoustic Lens Technology (ALT) ensures that this crisp and powerful sound is enjoyed from every seat in the vehicle with 180-degrees of horizontal sound dispersion and an improved sense of space, staging and realism. This makes for a system that isn’t just designed with the ears in mind, but also with the eyes and heart.

Each of the 14 loudspeakers uses a separate amplifier channel, with each speaker digitally controlled to create the most precise and clear sound. Vehicle Noise Compensation (VNC) also gathers data from cabin-mounted microphones and constantly adjusts the sound based on exterior noise. This ensures that the sound remains constant despite outside conditions – like rain, changing road surfaces, or changing speed.

To further focus the sound, the system has front, rear, and full-vehicle sound modes and a “True Image” menu that allows for a “reference” soundstage that is similar to a recording studio or a surround setting that resembles a live concert.

“With Bang & Olufsen there is nothing between the listener and the original recording,” said sound engineer Geoffrey Martin. “The sound is clear, natural, and precise. In one word – inspiring.”

A Fitting Partnership

The Bang & Olufsen BeoSound AMG sound system for Mercedes vehicles offers the perfect combination of powerhouse technology and iconic design backed by a partnership of two leading brands. The system delivers on what Mercedes customers have come to expect from Bang & Olufsen and creates a memorable listening experience from every seat in the car.

Technical specifications

14 fully active loudspeakers:

* 2 x 19 mm tweeters – acoustic lenses with built in lighting (front)
* 1 x 80 mm centre midrange (front centre)
* 2 x 80 mm midranges (front door)
* 2 x 165 mm woofers (front door)
* 2 x 25 mm tweeters (rear door)
* 2 x 165 mm woofers (rear door)
* 2 x 80 mm surround (rear)
* 1 x 200 mm subwoofers (rear)

1200 watts at 1% distortion level

14-channel DSP (Digital Signal Processing) Amplifier:

* True-Image™: Proprietary Bang & Olufsen up-mix algorithm for stereo and 5.1 multichannel material
* Vehicle Noise Compensation (VNC): Volume levelling dependant on noise, speed and climate control setting

5-channel ICEpower® Amplifier

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