Mercedes Interior Sculpture

At 2011 Detroit Motor Show Mercedes revealed a rather unusual concept for interior design through this conceptual art called Mercedes Interior Sculpture Aesthetics No.2.

Apparently the designer have taken inspirations from nature to make this thing, and created an artistic sculpture that is very cool. It’s not going to inspire any new model, but it’s very nice!

It consciously defies the shackles of the limited context of ergonomics, technical feasibility, formal constraints and, not least, the exterior of the vehicle, in order to impress the observer with its pure sensory-aesthetic appeal.


At the same time it is able to transport the high aesthetic, functional and sensuous aspirations characteristic of a Mercedes-Benz interior, bridging the gap between art and the aesthetics of Mercedes-Benz interior design.

Further formal inspiration for the sculpture was suggested by sculpted natural landscapes such as deserts and canyons, but also came from architectural themes and the broad field of aeronautical construction. Thus the seating environment recalls the image of the gigantic wings of a majestic ray fish. The instrument panel produces associations with the wing and engine design of modern jets.

In the words of the poet Friedrich von Schlegel (1772-1829): “Art is the nature of Nature.”

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