Mercedes Viano Vision Diamond

At the Beijing Motor Show Mercedes revealed a new version of the Viano that gives the word van a whole new meaning.

It is still pretty much a van, although it gets a Maybach-like two-tone paint job and luxury rims, but inside the cabin where the tools and garbage usually go, it features stuff like a champagne chiller, internet connection, ipad and iphones, and a 40-inch plasma TV!

The exterior also features black radiator grille, chromed grille louvers, gold line painted by hand separates the two body colors of black and diamond white, and a painted diamond adorns the B-pillar. What’s more, the windows of the windows of the passenger compartment, as well as the rear window and the glass partition between the chauffeur and the passenger compartment, are all equipped with the Magic Sky Control system.


Mercedes Viano Vision Diamond Interior Details:

Champagne glass holders and an automatic Champagne bottle cooling unit
The passenger compartment features two top-of-the-line seating accommodations equipped with heating, cooling, and massage features as well as calf benches and footrests. Between the seats are cup holders and Champagne glass holders for the model’s silver Champagne flutes, which appear at the push of a button. The side paneling has five bottle holders as well. The Champagne bottle retainer is equipped with a cooling system. Eight diamonds embedded in the interior trim refer to the lucky Chinese number eight and underscore the vehicle’s luxurious atmosphere. Additional equipment features include the Bang & Olufsen “BeoLiving Viano” high-end sound system, which can be conveniently operated via two iPad2 or iPhone4 devices. The mobile communication devices can also regulate the interior lighting and control the sound system for the model’s 40-inch screen, which can be used for everything from watching television to surfing the Internet and participating in video conferences.

A special app was developed exclusively for this control feature; the devices are secured in a docking station in the center console. The screen itself has a black aluminum frame and is situated behind the chauffeur area. The push of a button is all it takes to lower the screen and the partition. An intercom is available for communication between the cockpit and the passenger compartment. The vehicle is equipped with a W-LAN system that enables Web videoconferencing, among other things.

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