MINI Clubvan Concept

Clubvan is the nae of the new concept car from MINI.

It must be the easiest job in the world making this car, seeing as the only thing they’ve done is remove the back seats in a Clubman and replacing the rear windows with some sheets of metal. MINI says of course it opens the door to a completely new market for MINI, premium small businesses who want to combine sharp driving dynamics with low cost of ownership, while also making a style statement with their company van.

The company featured on the MINI Clubvan Concept shown at Geneva ‘Hugh Buckingham Signwriter’ is a UK company, based in Southport which creates similar vehicle graphics for its customers. That’s the coolest features of the car probably.


MINI press release:

Two seats, five doors, endless usage potential.

Limiting the car to two seats creates the capacity needed by business owners on a day-to-day basis, as well as opening up a whole new world of customisation potential. The same principle used in the classic Mini is applied in the MINI Clubvan – to provide the maximum amount of interior space on the smallest possible footprint.

The flat load area which reaches from the split rear doors right up to a partition grille behind the two seats makes full use of the interior’s depth. Six attachment loops recessed into the load floor use elasticated straps to hold cargo in place. The fixed partition grille, made from solid aluminium in the lower part and a stainless steel honeycombe grating, ensures items stowed in the rear won’t fall into the front cabin. The side walls, floor and roof lining of the load area in the Concept are trimmed in high-quality anthracite-coloured cloth.

Just like the MINI Clubman, the Clubvan Concept is a five-door car with a twist. Two front doors for the driver and front passenger, two side-hinged rear doors and the rear-hinged Clubdoor on the right-hand side all create useful access. The Clubdoor gives owners the option of loading smaller items from the side of the car as well as the rear.

The generous levels of space on board the concept car can be customised to suit the needs of the customer, for example, tools and goods can be stored neatly and securely in made-to-measure drawers or shelving units. 12-volt plug sockets in the load compartment also provide additional practicality.

Exterior design cuts a distinctive figure.

The MINI Clubvan Concept shares the same exterior dimensions as the MINI Clubman. The exterior of the car marks it out immediately as a MINI, offering customers the opportunity to combine their need for a practical, compact and easy-to-run to run van with the appeal of individual style and distinctive design, synonymous with the MINI brand.

The MINI Clubvan Concept is finished in British Racing Green paintwork, which extends to the roof, C-pillars and exterior mirror caps. The rear side windows are opaque with polycarbonate sections and are painted in the car’s body colour. The rear doors feature heavily tinted glass making it difficult to see into the load compartment.

This ultra-versatile MINI can carry both its cargo and its business’s promotional message in a uniquely stylish way. The unbroken paintwork along the car’s flanks offers extensive scope for individualisation and the use of larger graphics.

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