Mini Cooper 2009 Convertible First Drive

Saab’s new car is Mini; this is what Saab desired to be: a kinky brand that’s arising even thought it is kinky. This is what cold brain people reach as a conclusion when they firstly drive a convertible Mini Cooper S Yellow coloured in Austria’s twisty Alpine roads.

Yet, it’s good. The two coloured cloth of the seats will make your backside hot if you kept them “high” for two minutes or more. Convertible Mini requires some changes; to be more aerodynamic and to have a nerdy look of the 9-3 window ragtop and the boxy Mini, the Saab car attempted to market as a “four-season convertible”.

Marketers of Minis are shrewder with their catchword, “Always open.” Almost everything is unchanged from the hatchback Mini; this includes the 1.6-liter aluminium engine that gives out 118 HP in normal Cooper and 172 HP in the S turbocharged. Its Detroit show first appearance of the “Openometer,” an additional gage located beside the tachometer that calculates how many hours you hold on the top down, same like the Prius, the owners gallantly calculate fuel consumption rate for lifetime.

Its dynamics are more or less like the hatchbacks. The Bridgestone Blizzaks 17-inch tire is required in Austria for winter to increase the car’s torque guide, and would make you feel writhe in the changeovers and while rotating the wheel. The strength of steel means a firmer chassis and a way less bonnet agitation and 22 less pounds for the body-in-white than in the previous convertible. Manufacturer’s 0-to-60-mile per hour time is 0.3 second slower than the hatchback’s S. The backside rollover loop is designed as one piece now that gathers behind the backside seats if a sensor doesn’t discover awaiting rollover, enhancing back visibility over the fixed loops in the old car. Setting the back cowl’s chrome trim on the top is an easier approach to the small trunk. Glass on the side is larger, the option of a coloured third power-ragtop in addition to Chocolate Brown and black.

All might increase the sales of the Convertible’s share up to 18 percent in the U.S., without cannibalizing hatchback or Clubman sales it’s number-one market. It’s the kinky path to success.

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