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The rumors about a new type of diesel-powered Minis benefiting from BMW’s renowned 2.0 liter turbodiesel unit came true!

It is the new Mini Cooper SD we’re talking about which is the most powerful diesel Mini built tot date with a 143 hp and nearly 350 Nm of torque. It will be available in all MINI body types – Hatch, Convertible, Clubman and Countryman will deliver more power, frugal fuel consumption and lower CO2 emissions.

Mini already had the D series diesels, but with the SD they are offering a better compromise than before, because it’s still pretty economical but also satisfies your performance-related needs to some extent.


The new engine is just part of the new things Mini is offering in the new year. Along with a range of very cool special editions, there’s a new John Cooper Works factory-fit options kit which includes both visual and performance upgrades for selected engines, a new Mini Yours customization program which offers very unique versions such as the Clubman Hampton we will be looking at in a separate post.

Meanwhile check out the complete details on the new Mini Cooper SD family :

MINI Cooper S…with D

The MINI Cooper S name first graced the classic Mini back in 1963 and during the ensuing 48 years it has consistently been feted as the ultimate performance Mini, having won the Monte Carlo rally three times and countless other races and rallies around the globe.

It would be almost inconceivable that such an iconic heritage could ever see the valued ‘S’ tag attached to anything other than a finely-honed petrol engine with all its attendant sporting prowess.  However, such is the progress made by BMW Group in developing powerful, responsive and efficient diesel units that for the first time the Cooper S badge will grace a new diesel model – the MINI Cooper SD.  Not only will it be the most performance-oriented diesel MINI, the MINI Cooper SD will also feature the largest displacement power unit ever to grace the engine compartment of a MINI model in the marque’s 52 year history.

The two litre four cylinder power unit follows the design philosophy of the familiar 1.6 litre engine but produces 143hp at 4,000 rpm, almost 28 per cent more than the Cooper D and nearly 60 per cent above that of the One D.  Unsurprisingly its power, allied to a mighty torque figure of 305 Nm (225 lb-ft) from 1,750 to 2,700 rpm, the highest torque value of any MINI engine, even the engines within the John Cooper Works family, endows the Cooper SD with vivid performance:  in the case of the Hatch a top speed of 134mph and a 0-62mph acceleration time of 8.1 seconds.

Efficient grunt

The new diesel engine features an all-aluminium crankcase to keep weight down while a special and very powerful turbocharger with variable intake geometry is controlled by the engine management system to deliver mighty thrust at all engine speeds.  However, this new engine does not sacrifice efficiency on the altar of performance.  The common-rail direct injection system features solenoid valve injectors in the centre of the cylinder head that inject each precise dose of fuel at a pressure of up to 1,600 bar.  But this parsimonious technology is only the beginning because all five MINI Cooper SD models are equipped with the full panoply of MINIMALISM technology to eke ever more miles from every precious litre of diesel.

The MINIMALISM features include Brake Energy Generation, Auto Start/Stop, Shift Point Display, Electric Power Steering and demand-based ancillaries such as the alternator.  The result is nothing short of miraculous.  While the MINI Cooper SD Hatch will whizz effortlessly up the Col de Turini above Monte Carlo, it sips fuel at the rate of 65.7 mpg on the EU cycle and emits a mere 114 grams of CO2.  This secures a zero VED rate and a company car benefit tax rate of 13% including the 3% diesel surcharge.

SD Model Top Speed 0-62 mph Consumption

(mpg combined)

Emissions OTR  Price
Hatch 134 mph 8.1 secs 65.7 mpg 114 grams £18,750
Clubman 134 mph 8.6 secs 64.2 mpg 115 grams £19,790
Convertible 130 mph 8.7 secs 62.8 mpg 118 grams £21,130
Countryman 123 mph 9.3 secs 61.4 mpg 122 grams £21,970
Countryman ALL4 121 mph 9.4 secs 57.6 mpg 130 grams £23,190

All Cooper SD models are equipped as standard with a new super light six speed manual gearbox.  The 22.8 kilo transmission is the lightest gearbox of its kind and offers well-matched ratios and a precise, short shift gear lever action.  A six speed automatic transmission is available as an option and includes shift paddles on the steering wheel for auto drivers with a sporty inclination.

The new diesel engine features the same torque steer management software which was added to the petrol portfolio in September last year.

A suit of clothes to suit an S

Complementing the performance potential of the MINI Cooper SD models some distinctive design features adorn the new cars.  Echoing the distinctive style of the MINI Cooper S all SD models display a front apron with an extra large air intake and the familiar air scoop on the bonnet.  At the rear each SD model sports twin exhaust tailpipes exiting in the centre of the rear apron and an eye-catching roof spoiler.  Also in traditional Cooper S style, the side indicator surrounds carry the SD motif.

New MINI Sport Pack

The John Cooper Works models have long offered the pinnacle of MINI performance and excitement for sport-oriented drivers.  From April 2011 a Sports Pack, closely aligned to the JCW models is available for all models of the MINI Hatch and Convertible to enhance exterior and interior individual style and offer more dynamic driving responses.

Each Sport Pack is equipped with a special aerodynamic package that includes a unique front and rear apron with black detailing, horizontal slats on the fog lamp surrounds and a honeycomb mesh over the main air intake.  The rear apron also features prominent sculpting at the outer edges while sweeping, curved side skirts continue the sporting theme.

Stepping inside the Sport Pack MINI occupants are greeted by John Cooper Works door entry strips, while the driver grips a tactile JCW black sports leather steering wheel with contrasting red stitching.  Manual gearbox examples continue the red theme with a red shift pattern on the gear knob and matching red stitching on the leather gear lever and handbrake gaiter. Cloth-leather sports seats, a Sport Button, Piano Black Interior trim, white indicators and bonnet stripes are also included.

The Sport Pack comes with Dynamic Traction Control (DTC) and Electronic Differential Lock Control (ELDC) to complement the standard Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) system.  DTC allows more wheel slip before the electronics intervene to allow the driver more control at the touch of a button when pulling away on slippery surfaces and extending greater control for those who require a more sporting driving experience in corners.  EDLC also enhances the sporting driving experience by braking a spinning wheel in tighter corners, thereby enhancing traction and increasing cornering speed.

The final flourish of this Sport Pack is provided by the lightweight 17 inch John Cooper Works Cross Spoke alloy wheels.  The Pack is available in eight body colours.

Additionally, there are now some attractive John Cooper Works Accessory retrofit additions available exclusively for MINI Cooper S in Hatch, Clubman and Convertible form.  These include performance-enhanced engine management and a specially-designed air filter system to maximise the twin-scroll turbo engine output at 200hp (from 184hp) and 250 Nm of torque, with 270Nm using Overboost.  The kit also includes a sports exhaust silencer that delivers a more rorty engine note, and the option of 18 inch Cross Spoke Red Stripe alloy wheels.

MINI Sport Pack Pricing:

MINI One/One D Hatch £2995
MINI Cooper/Cooper D Hatch £3245
MINI Cooper S/Cooper SD Hatch £2260
MINI One/ Convertible £2785
MINI Cooper/Cooper D Convertible £2995
MINI Cooper S/Cooper SD Convertible £2150

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