Most Popular Car Paint Color – Year 2009

The Popularity report of DuPont Color for this year states that the most popular car paint throughout the world are still silver, black and white while car customers are also favoring blue color. The question arises that how colors are broken down by continent.

Europe – During last year, the color that became more popular as compared to silver was black. However chromatic colors with a hue unlike black, gray and white are also very popular. Elke Dirks, a Dupont’s color designer for Europe is of a view that the most popular chromatic car paint color is blue because of the rising demand for light, pure and sophisticated looking cars. A strong liking towards chromatic colors suggests a desire by customers for more personalization of their vehicles.

Popular Car Colors

Asia-Pacific – White pearl, candy whites and dark blue are the most popular colors. However, the customers who prefer luxury favor black and mid-tone metallic grays. Emily Hung, a DuPont’s color designer for Asia-Pacific region is of a view that that the variety of colors offered in China and India is a reflection of the booming economy of those countries.

North America – The most popular car color in America has been white for many years, black is slowly gaining momentum. 31 percent of vehicles in 2003 were white and only 17.8 percent of vehicles in 2009 were white. The number fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh spots were taken by blue, red, brown and green. The Socionomics Institute in Gainesville, Georgia suggests that color trends provide insight into America’s hopefulness for the future.

South America – The color that still dominates the market in Latin America are silver, grey, black and white. While the most popular charismatic color is green, blue color is also starting to bet popular. Wolstano Marin, a Dupont’s color designer for Venezuela, Colombia and Ecuador is of a view that personal preference, resale value and fashion are the major factors that determine the choices of car paint color.

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