Nissan Micra DIG-S Price

Prices announced for the new DIG-S version of Nissan Micra, the car that is named after its engine: Direct Injection Gasoline – Supercharged.

Going on sale in Britain from September, the Micra GIG-S starts at £11,150 OTR, offering performance of a bigger petrol engine but with the fuel economy of a diesel. The good thing about this new Micra is that unlike the old model, it’s not chintzy and glitzy. It just looks like a normal car!

The ultra low emission 1.2-litre, three cylinder supercharged petrol engine emits only 95g/km for the Visia version and 99g/km for the better-equipped Acenta and Tekna models. Official fuel consumption is 68.9mpg or 65.7mpg on the combined cycle, beating some similarly sized diesel models. Unlike most economy models though, the DIG-S also has a performance boost, with power rising from 80PS to 98PS.


More details on the car in Nissan’s press release:

The cost of this ground-breaking technology? The DIG-S costs just £1,000 more than the equivalent*, non-supercharged version; much less than the price premiums charged by many rivals for equivalent diesel versions. Owners will also see savings at the pumps, with diesel currently averaging 4.1p per litre** more than petrol.

The engine achieves the improvements in power and economy through a series of measures to improve efficiency. Direct injection, valve timing control with eco mode, improved exhaust gas recirculation, specially shaped pistons and a higher compression ratio ensure the most power is extracted from every drop of fuel.

To reduce inefficient power loss within the engine operating system the Miller Cycle is incorporated. By allowing the inlet valve to stay open longer, along with a higher compression ratio, the compression stroke becomes more efficient.

More energy is saved by using an intelligent alternator which recharges the battery when the engine power is not in demand, such as under braking. A stop / start function also helps to reduce emissions and fuel consumption by automatically turning off the engine whilst stationary and restarts again when you are ready to move off. The amount of CO2 saved during stop / start is displayed on the dashboard. #

The engine is available as a 5-speed manual or with an optional advanced CVT automatic gearbox for an additional £1,000.

Competitive insurance group ratings for the DIG-S has been set at 8E for the Visia and 9E for the Acenta and Tekna grades, based on the Association of British Insurers (ABI) 50 group rating system.



On the road price – £11,150 £12,150 £13,650
Insurance Group rating 8E 9E 9E

* DIG-S Visia comes complete with air conditioning as standard equipment

** AA Fuel Price Report July 2011

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