Opel Mokka FlexFix

Opel announced a new option for the yet to be launched Mokka, and it’s the case with Opel often, it’s a funky garnish you don’t’ really need!

IT is the FlexFix bicycle carrier, a second generation FlexFix bicycle carrier no less which can now carry up to three bikes. The enhanced storage system exclusive to Opel is integrated in the rear bumper of the vehicle and is always on board. When not in use it disappears invisibly into the rear bumper. FlexFix carrier can be tilted so that the tailgate of the vehicle can be opened easily, providing quick access to the luggage compartment.

The prices for the FlexFix carrier start at about 590 euro (all prices refer to Germany and recommended retail price including VAT). The adaptor kit is available for about 191 euro.


Details in Opel press release:

The standard version of the FlexFix system when mounted on the Mokka is geared towards carrying one bicycle. However, this carrier can now take an extra 10 kg in weight (30 kg) compared to the first generation FlexFix system. As part of the second FlexFix generation an extension is now available, including a clip-on adaptor so that a further two bicycles can be transported. The total load capacity with three bikes loaded is 60 kilograms.

Special holders with rubber inlays ensure that the bikes are held securely in place. Additionally, the new carrier system can be locked so that the bikes are protected from thieves when the Mokka is stationary. Even when fully loaded, the FlexFix system of the second generation can be tilted so that the tailgate of the vehicle can be opened easily, providing quick access to the Mokka’s luggage compartment.

The second major benefit of the Opel FlexFix system compared to conventional bicycle carriers is that it is easy to reach and therefore outstanding in its ergonomics. In contrast to other systems such as roof racks where you have to lift the bicycle high over your head, the FlexFix system is easy on the spine just like the AGR (“Aktion Gesunder R?cken e.V.”) seats certified by the German healthy back experts which are available in the Mokka. Another advantage over roof rack-based systems is that with FlexFix the vehicle is not subjected to a 120 km/h speed limit, as the bikes are stored at the rear.

Mokka combines functionality, comfort and adventure

Despite its 4.28 meter measurement, the Mokka generously accommodates five people and blends functionality and a comfortable, high seating position with a flavor of adventure. The driving dynamics of the Mokka have been tailored to the needs of urban life with all the advantages of off-road capability. This is why apart from front-wheel drive (FWD), the Mokka can be fitted with an all-wheel drive (AWD) technology for better traction and handling when driving off asphalted roads.

Power is provided by three efficient engines. All manual transmissions are equipped with the fuel saving Opel Start/Stop system. The gasoline offer comprises an 85 kW/115 hp, 1.6 liter naturally-aspirated engine with 155 Nm as well as a 103 kW/140 hp 1.4 l Turbo with 200 Nm of torque. On the diesel side, there is a 93 kw/130 hp 1.7 CDTI turbo diesel with 300 Nm of torque that offers high fuel economy and low emissions.

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