Polishing Aluminum Motorcycle Fork Tubes

Stylish and gleaming aluminum motorcycle fork tubes are always appealing, but due to weight and price issues; chromed fork tubes become unaffordable for many owners. To achieve that dazzling chrome look you can polish the aluminum motorcycle fork tubes that give a gleam just like chrome. With easily available auto products you can polish aluminum motorcycle fork tubes yourself, which saves lot of money but requires great deal of tolerance and persistence.

Polishing aluminum motorcycle fork tubes is not a daunting task but requires time. The things you will require for chrome like finish are: motorbike stand or lift, steel wool, sandpaper in different grits, metal polish or rouge, paint stripper of aircraft-grade, electric drill, oven cleaning agent, cloth buffing wheels and socket wrench.

Following are the sequential steps to achieve chrome like shine for your aluminum motorcycle fork tubes:

  1. Firstly you have to place your bike on a lift or a stand and then remove front wheel and the calipers of brake from forks. The triple clamps (upper and lower) have bolts inserted; loose them with the help of a socket wrench. Now glide the forks from the lower area of triple clamp. Set those forks on a neat and clean area.
  2. Remove the anodized finish or paint from the forks tubes. To remove paint effortlessly; spray the aluminum motorcycle fork tubes with paint stripper of aircraft-grade. With the help of steel wool scour the remaining paint on the forks tubes. Oven cleaning agent can be used to rub the anodized finishes followed by the 220-grit sandpaper. Clean off the remaining rust with 600-grit sandpaper.
  3. Even the aluminum motorcycle fork tubes surface by using 150-grit sandpaper. You have to sand the tubes with the sandpaper by dipping it in a solution of mild soap and water. Use a stable motion of back and forth of your hands while doing so. At the end flatten the uneven surface of the tubes if any.
  4. Work on the surface of fork tubes repeatedly. The tubes should be scrubbed with 300-grit sandpaper in reverse direction to clean the spots left by the previous sandpaper. Repeat the process with finer sandpapers in different directions until you get perfect spotless look.
  5. Use rough or any other metal polish on the tubes with the help of electric drill and cloth buffing wheel. Apply light pressure of hands while polishing the buffing wheel so that the metal polish gives good results. Keep on polishing until the tubes start to gleam. Now swap the buffing wheel with a spotless wheel and clean the left over of the polish on fork tubes by buffing again.
  6. Repeat the same process on the other fork tube of the bike and then mount back the aluminum motorcycle fork tubes to its place.

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