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Pro Comp shocks also known as shock absorbers prove to be a good substitute of the original fixed shocks on the vehicle. The original standard shock absorbers are often replaced with the Pro Comp shocks by 4×4 or SUV owners. The quality of variety of these shocks can be compared with the well-known shock absorber brands available in the market like Old Man Emu, and are somewhat less costly to purchase.

Pro Comp shocks are considered as the best buy among the customers because they provide long displacement than the original standard shocks. It proves to be better in response when replaced on your SUV or 4×4. It implies that the SUV or 4×4 has the less probability to cross the axle during off-road driving. It is beneficial especially when the car doesn’t possess the differential lock.

One more advantage of the Pro Comp shocks is that various levels of shocks are easily available in the market. It implies that good choice is available to you when buying out the product. The best shocks offered have a nitrogen gas filled in them. This feature of the shocks demonstrate that there are no air bubbles produced even if your shocks are functioning hard, as these air bubbles diminish the effectiveness of the shock absorber, making the vehicle bounce as it runs. This process is known to be fluid foaming.

The finest among the Pro Comp shocks is the ES9000. It is a known to be the mega duty version of shocks range. However, for excellent performance all the shock range available has 10-level velocity sensitive valve system installed to work under all sorts of riding conditions.

The rubber boot doesn’t come with the actual fitting of shock absorbers range. You have an option either not to install them or can select among the colorful range of rubber boots that are best suited to your vehicle. As a personal preference some owners don’t install the boots in their vehicle because water can gather in the boot if it is not fixed correctly causing corrosion.

For majority of the vehicles; Pro Comp shocks with various fittings are available. Thus, it makes the procedure simple to fix the substitute shocks. This task proves to be much easier and suitable, as it saves lots of money falling within the range of home mechanics as compared to the cost charged by the repair shops.

Pro Comp is basically San Diego based company in USA, but has different distributors working all over the world like in UK and Australia. To have more information about the company and its distributors functioning in your country simply search on the internet. You may also visit there website directly to view national and international distributors and dealerships’ list easily.

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