Quick Shift Gear Stick Upgrade Kits

Quickly changing the gear makes a big difference in critical situations like track day racing and drag racing.

Driver is the slowest component in any car and there in not too much that can be done for improvement. A competitive edge can be given by acquiring a quick shift kit which enables faster gear changes and gives a more feel by dropping play.

The gearstick is usually a lever linked to the gearbox. A pivot is located below the gate and the bottom of the lever is the work which is done by changing gear. There is a bend in some quick shafts that allow extra leverage while keeping the gear knob in the same position. It is not very much complicated.

Gear Stick

There is fairly plain mechanics applied at a longer one under the pivot and at a shorter lever above the pivot. It means that the gear changes are rapid. Although extra effort is required but no gearbox will give a lot of resistance for changing gear unless there is some faults with it.

There are a lot of different types of shift kits available in the market. You have to look for the adjustable one when choosing. Every driver has his or her own preferences and this is the reason that every gearbox is not the same. Rapid settings can be a cause of problems in some.

It has to be ensured that each gear can be easily engaged after fitting the quick shift kit. There is a possibility that the blocks of rubber can sometime block behind and below the lower shaft will stroke for preventing even changes. In this case, the quick shift has to be adjusted or some rubber can be cut off that may be the cause of fouling.

The driver may notice that the amount of travel on the gear lever is considerably reduced when the car is driven with a quick shift. In some cases there is up to 40% which makes the gear changes efficiently fast giving more slick feeling. After this, the driver will not desire to go back to a long or standard throw gear lever.

It is relatively a simple job to change to a quick shifter. It is unfortunate that cars are very different for us to give some broad advice. Some cars need to be jacked up from the front of the car using axle stands to properly fit it while others can be done fairly easily from the car’s inside.

Many of the quick shifts are available with instruction guide but a workshop manual can also be consulted if there is some confusion. This is a simple type of modification which gives a sporty look to the car, although the performance will be pretty same in reality.

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