Replacing the EGR Valve

The complication of replacing EGR valve of an engine depends upon the vehicle type itself. EGR valve in American cars is positioned at the top of the car’s engine that makes the replacement much easier. In rest of the foreign cars it is placed on the lower side and on the back of the car’s engine that makes it difficult to replace.

EGR valve refers to the Exhaust Gas Recirculation of the engine. It is meant to monitor the backflow of the exhaust and then you release the gas pedal. It triggers near 50 MPH generally. Being the component of the exhaust system it gets very muddy from the exhaust fume discharge. Due to the frequent deposits of dirt and carbon EGR valve gets blocked, that may cause electrical jerk or pull leading to the inner breakdown and finally to the replacement of the valve.

replacing the egr valve e1287211971360 Replacing the EGR Valve

To replace the EGR valve; firstly you have to disengage the battery for 5 minutes minimum, so that the system is disconnected completely. Taking an example of the American 3.1L Chevy engine; subsequently you have to find out the location of EGR valve. On the top right after the airs tube you will see 3 inlet shafts having 3 screws (torx) at its top. With the help of flat screwdriver shove the connector locking tab inside, while clutching the electrical cable and dragging it up and out. On both sides of the valve 10mm bolt is easily visible.

You have to remove the bolts to set the valve free, but you may find it difficult because the bolts get rusty and sticky being a part of exhaust system for a long time. The bolts can easily be removed by spraying them with WD-40 or with other chemical, just leave the bolts for couple of minutes to get loose. The new EGR valve comes up with a fresh gasket, so be watchful that before the replacement of bolts you place the gasket in the right direction as per manufacturer’s torque specifications. The proper placement of gasket eradicates the threat of leakage on the long run.

To complete the EGR valve replacement processes re-engage the battery and electrical connector. When you remove the valve you can clean its internal parts with some solution or cleaning agents that are easily available in parts store. This cleansing process will remove all the carbon deposits and other impurities from the valve and will make it function properly. There are security codes for the entertainment center in some vehicles like Honda and Chevys. Therefore, it is important for you to jot down the release-code before disengaging your car’s battery. You have to follow the owner’s manual for correct release procedures.

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