Shelby GT500 at Goodwood FoS 2012

Let us introduce you to yet another awesome car present at this year’s Goodwood FoS. It’s the Shelby GT500, the new version, and it’s coming mainly as a tribute to the late Carroll Shelby.

The Ford Shelby GT500 is powered by an aluminium 5.8-litre supercharged V8 engine, producing 662 horsepower and 631 lb ft of torque. The most powerful engine ever in a North American production car, it propels the Shelby GT500 to a top track speed of more than 200mph. The Goodwood GT500 also has the optional Performance Package featuring electronically adjustable dampers and a Torsen® limited-slip differential, plus an additional Track Package.

The GT500 is not that sophisticated, but it’s plenty of fun. Plus, with its awesome power the car should be able to bully almost all of the sophisticated super cars out of its way!


Other Ford features at the festival:

Ford has been a major sponsor of the Goodwood Festival of Speed since its inception in 1993.  Ford’s motorsport heritage is unparalleled: there were successful Model Ts in motor racing in the 1920s, Ford V8s won the Monte Carlo rally in the 1930s, and since the 1950s Ford has always been prominent in racing and rallying, often with specially-developed cars like the Le Mans winning GT40s, the Escort RS1600 and RS1800, the RS200, the Sierra RS500 Cosworth, and racing Mondeos.  Ford-powered cars from all around the world are reflecting this heritage at the Festival of Speed.

Visitors to the Festival can see a wide variety of famous Fords, including those located on the Ford stands at the entrance to the festival and on the main Ford exhibition site inside the hillclimb track, which features a strong Sweeney theme to mark the Ford Focus ST’s starring role in the new film, which is released in the UK in September.  Prominent in these displays, as well as on the Goodwood hillclimb, will be the Ford Focus ST with its powerful 2.0-litre 250PS four-cylinder EcoBoost engine.

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