Skoda at 2012 Worthersee

Skoda is pat of VW family, so it’s allowed into the VW fans part at Worthersee, providing they bring the good stuff!

And indeed they are. Concept cars “SKODA Citigo Rally” and “SKODA Citigo DJ Car” will make their first appearance. In the evening, an international top DJ will perform on the center stage of the SKODA concert area. Tomorrow, seven teams will already set out from Prague with SKODA vehicles and head toward Lake Worthersee in Austria. The DJ car is fitted with a 1000 watt sound system for the event.

The rally car is the more interesting proposal. It gets a wide front bumper, 18-inch wheels, rear spoiler and diffuser and widened arches. There’s no details on the car’s engine and performance. It’s probably just a show car.


Skoda press release:

The village of Reifnitz is a traditional meeting place for tuning fans. Every year in May, one may experience the pure excitement about automobiles, this year being the 31st time the meet is held. This meet is counted among the largest and most important events of its kind. As the third largest brand of the Volkswagen Group, SKODA presents new model highlights to fans as well. For the concert highlight in the evening, SKODA has created a special surprise. The music produced by the almost 100,000 Watt strong sound equipment will be mixed by a DJ in a “SKODA DJ Car”. This vehicle was especially designed by the SKODA design team for the car show at Lake Worthersee. A team of journalists and Czech celebrities in special SKODA models will drive from Prague to the foothills of the Austrian Alps – among them the two Skoda rally champions Jan Kopeck? and Juho H?nninen.

“They say the driver’s seat has the best view of Lake Worthersee,” says Jan Kopeck?, SKODA Motorsport factory driver. “That’s why I’m excited to be able to experience in person the legendary atmosphere at Lake Worthersee this year.”

The creations based on the new SKODA Citigo are sure to fascinate attendees at SKODA’s stand in Reifnitz. The design of the “SKODA Citigo Rally” takes its dynamics from SKODA rally cars. Its front end impresses with a massive bumper as well as a generous air intake and spoiler. The car’s rear end is marked by a centrally positioned exhaust end pipe and the down-force wing extending the car’s roofline. Low-profile tires on forged 18-inch rims promise stability and uncompromising traction.

Besides the “SKODA Citigo Rally”, another highlight is the appearance of the “SKODA Citigo DJ Car”. Its rear end widens behind the ‘B’ pillars to create an open stage for the DJ inside the car. The “SKODA Citigo DJ Car” will see live action when DJs put on dance music for several thousands of fans on the center stage at night.

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