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As its fashionable these days, more and more car makers are getting into business of making bicycles. Apart from anything else, it’ll help them put on a more environmentally friendly face.

Most of the car makers try to add something special to their bikes of course, like Audi who’s teamed up with an American company to present a luxury wooden bicycle, or Maserati that makes a super vintage-modern.

Skoda’s bikes however, well they’re just normal bikes with Skoda badge on them! They offer a wide range of bicycles and clothing and accessories for 2011. The range includes bikes for children to those for trips in the city and the country up to professional racing bikes and carbon mountain bikes. The two-time cyclocross world champion Zdenek Stybar is the ambassador and face of this collection of products.


The new offering is available at all authorized SKODA dealers now. These bikes are not as glamorous as the ones from Audi or Mercedes, but then they don’t have the hefty price tag either.

Check out the press release below for more info:

The two-time cyclocross world champion Zdenek Stybar will act as the ambassador and face of the new SKODA bikes. His opinion vouches for the quality of the collection: “The new offer is as varied as never before. There is something for every taste and every need. The latest technology paired with an attractive design – that’s what people expect of SKODA. That is ‘simply clever’,” emphasizes Stybar, who has been dominating the cyclocross world championship during the past two years. A total of seven bicycle types can be chosen from. The bikes were developed in cooperation by the company Superior. Clothes and accessories, bearing the new corporate logo for the first time, were developed by the company KalaS.

Cycling friends have already been familiar with and appreciate the bikes made by SKODA Genuine Parts for a long time as this is already the ninth collection by the Czech manufacturer. The brand thus underscores its close association with cycling, currently expressed through the sponsorship of the Tour de France and the Giro d’Italia, among others. From a historical viewpoint, SKODA has a particular relationship with bicycles anyway: In the year 1895, before the first automobile was built in Mlad? Boleslav, company founders Laurin & Klement manufactured bicycles.

The current, new top model by the Czechs is the mountain bike Super 2000. For the first time ever, a SKODA mountain bike has a carbon frame. The design in the colors of the rally car Fabia Super 2000 pays homage to SKODA’s victory in the rally series IRC (Intercontinental Rally Challenge) in 2010 and to the successes of the brand in the rally sport. The mountain bike Fabia RS also centers on the motor sports activities of the manufacturer and bears the name of the fastest street Fabia ever. Fans of demanding trips “in the rough” will receive a lot of enjoyment from the Fabia RS. The mountain bike will be at home even on the most demanding terrain and is equipped with SRAM X-Z components.

Friends of street cycling will get their money’s worth with the model Mont Ventoux. The name says it all and is a reference to the primary purpose of this high-tech bike. The weight of the bike amounts to only 7.9 kilogram. The light alloy frame and the front fork are made of carbon (Carbon UD). The use of high-quality brand components will make the heart of every cycling enthusiast beat faster.

For the first time, SKODA offers a model in the category “city bike” – a type of bike that is particularly popular in Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands. The bike with the name Tour convinces through comfort and liveliness, in particular regarding trips through town and over shorter distances. The designation “Tour” was chosen based of the popular vehicle Octavia Tour. Contrary to that, the cross model Octavia is more suitable for longer trips.

But SKODA also has a two-wheel offer that is appropriate for children. The entry-level model is the children’s bicycle My First SKODA. With its 20” wheels, the next higher model Race offers a perfect opportunity to switch to a larger model later.

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