Skoda Produces 1,500,000th Octavia II

Skoda pases a major production milestone for the Octavia II as the 1,500,000th unit, a white Octavia Combi GreenLine, rolls off the production line.

The figure above does not include the production numbers of the structurally identical vehicle “MingRui”, which is sold in China. The second generation Octavia has been manufactured since 2004. More than any other model, the Octavia symbolizes the rise of the SKODA company as an internationally successful automobile manufacturer. The first Octavia of the “modern era” (Octavia I) rolled off the assembly line in 1996. With the launch of the second generation (Octavia II) in 2004, the manufacturer continued writing the success story of the compact vehicle.

The Ocativa II really is a global product, with production sits in Czech, Russia, Ukraine and.. to name a few.


“For the past 15 years, the Octavia has been the heart of the Skoda brand. It is a true ‘Simply Clever’ vehicle: Spacious, practical, family-friendly, and affordable,” says Michael Oeljeklaus, the SKODA board member for Production and Logistics. “The model has left an important mark on the rapid rise of our company since the nineties. In particular, the second generation built since 2004 has meant another leap forward for us. The figure of 1.5 million manufactured Octavia II expresses this success in a special way. The Octavia will continue to play a vitally important role in our model range in the future and make a central contribution to our Growth Strategy 2018,” according to Oeljeklaus.

About the car:

The Octavia II sets standards with regard to quality, reliability, practicality, and price-performance ratio. The vehicle is available as a sedan as well as a station wagon; also, a vehicle with all-wheel drive and the sports version “RS” is being offered. Apart from that, the Octavia plays an important role for the continued development of electric mobility. With the Octavia Green E-Line, the Czech automobile manufacturer developed the first purely electrically powered vehicle of the brand. In a matter of weeks, a test fleet of eleven vehicles will commence trial operations in the Czech Republic in order for the company to collect practical experience with its electric drive.

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