Suzuki Solio Compact Wagon

This cute little car is the new Suzuki Solio Compact Wagon which will be launched in the Japanese market next January. Where else in the world would you be able to find such a tiny wagon?!

Suzuki describes it as a wagon that gives great fuel economy, has a tall, roomy cabin within a compact body, and offers the user-friendliness of left- and right-hand sliding doors.

The Solio features sliding side doors complemented by a one-touch double-folding rear seat which gives it different seat arrangement and decent cargo area.


The Suzuki Solio is powered by a 1.2-litre engine designed for fuel-efficiency which makes it easy to drive, easy to use and economical. Suzuki will supply about 800 units per month of the new Solio for Mitsubishi Motors Corporation. This OEM agreement is limited to Japanese market.

Major features

* (1) Class-leading1 cabin spaciousness within a manoeuvrably compact body
* (2) User-friendly left- and right-hand rear sliding doors and a range of seat arrangements
* (3) Smooth performance with class-leading1 fuel economy of 22.5km/L2
* (4) Refined interior and exterior designs that appeal to people across a wide range of ages
* (5) A comfortable ride and high levels of safety

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