The Best-Sounding Exhaust Tips

You can make your vehicle more stylish and classy by simply accessorizing it. There are several exhaust tips available in this case which you can use to give elegance to your vehicle. These tips have strong impact and manufacturers utilizing these exhaust tips are making high reputation and cash as well. Here are the best-sounding exhaust tips for you.

Exhaust Tip Described:

Normally you will see the exhaust system of your vehicle flowing from the engine beneath the car chassis and after that going out through the muffler, while leaving the car through the exhaust tip. While it leaves the car, there might be some pressure there and based on the shape of your exhaust tip, you can generate a diversity of sounds from the exiting exhaust. Remember that this sound can vary among a high-pitched and a little grumble which completely depend on the shape as well as the length of the exhaust tip. Here the shorter and larger exhaust tips usually sound more similar to a sousaphone or else a small tuba whereas the longer and thinner exhaust tips sound more like a trumpet.


Borla Exhaust Tips:

At, the most popular and handy exhaust tips are Borla. These exhaust tips are strong and come with a guarantee that they would not break off or get damaged for about 1 million miles. According to a number of reviewers, these exhaust tips tend to have a deep and harsh roar that go beyond other exhaust tips. Among them the most high pitched exhaust tip is the Borla Round Angle-Cut Intercooled Exhaust Tip. It is a shorter and larger exhaust tip and produces a deep but lowly rated sound as reported by

Magnaflow Exhaust Tips:

At, most car enthusiast have regarded the Magnaflow Clamp-On 5-Inch Diesel Exhaust Tip as one of the top sounding exhaust tips which can produce a middle tone sound. This comes with a clamp on construction and because of its construction you can easily attach it to your exhaust system. One anther important thing is that Magnaflow owns a lifetime guarantee.

Gibson Exhaust Tips:

The Gibson Round Exhaust is usually taken as a standard low, touchy exhaust tip that possesses a clamp-on construction. According to a huge number of reviewers state that this exhaust tip normally evokes the classic car sound. Similar to Magnaflow, the Gibson exhaust tip also comes with a lifetime guarantee.

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