The Volkswagen Routan 2010 Model

The General Overview of the Vehicle;

Being a Volkswagen brand it’s bound to have an unusual name; hence “Routan”. Now even though this vehicle does in fact adorn the Volkswagen name, it is based heavily on the Town & Country model from Chrysler.

Although this vehicle is a union of 2 totally different car manufacturers, and therefore, shares a lot from both parents in style and functionality. The main problem is that this vehicle will likely be disowned by Volkswagen devotees.

Volkswagen Routan 2010 Model The Volkswagen Routan 2010 Model

The Interior and Exterior of the Routan;

It’s somewhat intriguing what the overall interior of the Routan will be, considering it’s a cross-breed between Volkswagen and Chrysler; Volkswagen has been praised on its interior design for its vehicles while the opposite can be said about Chrysler.

Well, the Routan doesn’t feel or look like a Volkswagen inside, perhaps with the exception of the dashboard surfaces. There have been some significant alterations made to the door panels and the dashboard while the center control panel doesn’t come out as much as previous models. The ventilation knobs while aren’t poorly designed, just doesn’t match the quality associated with Volkswagen, the same goes with the unimpressive standard version of the center storage console. If you upgrade to the optional variation of the center storage console it does boast improved functionality and quality.

A lot of the features that are normally incorporated within Volkswagen models are either missing here or been replaced with Chrysler alternatives. For example, the standard stereo is reminiscent of what you expect to find in a Chrysler vehicle as is the optional touch screen navigation system and the premium stereo. There is no sign of the moon-roof option that adorns many of the newer Volkswagen models either. The interior dimensions are identical to that of the Travel & Country model for all 3 rows of seats.

Power Features of the Routan;

There are 2 engine types available for the Routan. The standard V6 3.8 liter engine, which performs adequately enough; and Volkswagen even stated it can attain 0-60 mph in 10.2 seconds. An optional yet more powerful and fuel efficient V6 4.0 liter engine is also available.

Volkswagen Routan 2010 The Volkswagen Routan 2010 Model

The suspension appears to be one of only alterations made to the new Routan, which rides a lot different than other models. The overall handling of this vehicle is virtually identical to any other minivan in terms of normal driving.

The Future of Routan;

It has to be said that Volkswagen fans will more than likely be very disappointed with this new vehicle, and it’s not surprising considering that even though it sports the Volkswagen brand name, it does actually have more in common with what you would expect from a Chrysler van. The Routan model may have some difficult times ahead, it’s just something only time can tell how the future will pan out for this crossover minivan.

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