Toyota iQ Custom Options

Toyota has launched a new customization program for the little iQ. It’s designed to make the car more unique and more interesting for the younger buyers.

The City car will be getting a lot of cheap but cheerful options to make them more interesting. Customers can mix and match patterns and shades to suit their mood, and with a range of eight external paint colours, six leather combinations and six roof and body decals, there are hundreds of possible variations.

The customisation options are available now and can be specified for all versions of iQ, with the leathers priced £775, side decals £200 and roof decals £180, all inclusive of VAT, and covered by Toyota’s 5 year, 100,000 mile warranty. The customisation is only available for new vehicle purchases.


Details in Toyota press release:


Toyota wanted personalisation options that match iQ’s distinctive personality, so a plain old racing stripe or two is not going to cut much of a dash.Toyota has taken a bolder approach to livening up iQ with a range of decals that extends from a classic monochrome Check to a psychedelic multicolour Swirl. The other options are Box (a scattering of colourful quadrilaterals), Bloom (retro daisies), Pulse (a swoosh of grey strokes) and Aqua (a flow of bubbles).

Each decal design can be specified separately for the car’s roof and sides.


The six leather options match Nappa leather upholstery for all four seats with toning – or contrasting – stitching and fillet inserts around the shoulder area.

The combinations are:

  • Black leather with platinum fillets and stitching
  • Platinum leather with black fillets and stitching
  • Red leather with platinum fillets and stitching
  • Black leather with Electric Blue fillets and stitching, plus iQ logo on headrest
  • Black leather with Burnt Orange fillets and stitching, plus iQ logo on headrest
  • Black leather with red fillets and stitching, plus iQ logo on headrest

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