Types of Garbage Trucks

There are numerous garbage trucks types that have been designed based on the viable needs of the owner or worker. Major recycling in the majority communities has made the garbage collection more complex. On the other hand, garbage trucks are used to carry out different tasks. You may hear about several types of garbage trucks for instance front, side and rear loaders, grapple and recycling tucks, dump trucks and roll-offs.

Front Loaders:

Front loaders are equipped with automated forks that are found in front of the cab to pick up and empty big commercial dumpsters by means of a set of levers. Once it empties the garbage it then makes it compacted. For instance Autocar, introduces about a 66,000-pound front and rear capacity truck equipped with a 350-horsepower Cummins diesel engine.

Garbage Trucks

Rear Loaders:

Rear loaders on the other hand, carry out a different task as compared to the front loaders. It collects the garbage at the rear with workforce tossing trash bags and then empties the substances of bins into a huge container. When the container is filled up, the contents are then compacted. Although both the rear loaders and front loaders have the same dimensions for instance as the 350-horsepower Cummins diesel engine found in the Autocar.

Side Loaders:

Side loaders can be manually operated or automated by bringing together the garbage on the truck side. Normally, a single person operates these trucks while operating the side loader from the cab. Another person works on manual versions. There are several truck makers introducing their productions for instance International Harvester and Peterbilt produces 260-horsepower diesel-powered side loaders.


For collecting the huge volumes of waste, there is another type of garbage truck is called as Roll-off garbage which is normally used at construction and annihilation sites. In this type of truck, a dumpster box is put there on a special roller chassis otherwise on the trailer in which the dumpster box is rolled off the truck goes away form the site and afterward rolled back onto the truck when filled with the garbage to deliver to the landfill. Popular roll-off trucks include Mack trucks which has 405-horsepower diesel engines.


Recycling trucks are used for special purposes and are usually automated side loaders. A single worker can easily operate it from the cab’s interior and uses it to collect only recycled material. Well known International Harvester and Peterbilt manufacture recycling trucks equipped with the Cummins diesel.

Garbage Trucks

Grapple Truck:

The popular grapple trucks are used to collect massive waste material or even ruined cars as well for annihilation. Grapple loader is positioned on the frame with a device similar to a claw in order to take the waste and put it in a rear box found on the chassis, or a stationary box or a box mounted on a different vehicle. These grapple trucks are normally used at profitable businesses sites or else landfills. These include the Ford’s F-800 series trucks, Freightliner and Mercedes as well, which are equipped with the Cummins diesel.

Dump Trucks:

Dump ruck are another category of garbage trucks which have a simple rectangle box mounted on the rear chassis. These tucks are operated by hydraulic lifts that puts waste at the rear by a hinged rear flap otherwise a door.

Popular dump truck names include Peterbilts, International Harvester, Freightliners and Macks.

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