Types of Motocross Bikes

Motocross bikes are usually considered as very specialized racing motorcycles which are absolutely able to handle every kind of rough ground with high speed performance. These bikes are normally manufactured by a number of popular automakers for instance, Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Suzuki and KTM.

Types of Motocross Bikes:

Honda CRF:

In 2002 Japan’s Honda CRF line was introduced having five-speed transmission plus dual-wheel disk brakes These bikes bring liquid-cooled, four-stroke engines, single cylinder and are taking part in the 250cc class. In anticipation of October 2009, the bikes manufacturer offered retail price is $6669.

Motocross Bikes

Kawasaki KXF:

Kawasaki KX motocross series are very much similar to Honda as they too bring a 250cc liquid cooled, four-stroke engine, and single-cylinder. These bikes put forward a five-speed transmission as well as dual wheel disk brakes. Although their retail price; is $8,049.

Suzuki RMZ:

Suzuki RM-Z 250 is another Japanese bike, acquired immense popularity due to its high performance. The bike has a 250cc four-stroke along with liquid cooled and single cylinder engine. It offers a five speed transmission and its disk brakes complete this racer. Its retail selling price is about $6,699.

Motocross Bikes


KTM SXS is an Australian bike which normally has a 250cc two-stroke, and single-cylinder along with liquid cooled engine. It too presents a five-speed transmission furthermore all wheel disk brakes. The manufacturer’s retail price of this bike is $6,598.

Yamaha YZF:

In early 70s another bike model was introduced which named as Yamaha YZF. This bike had a 250cc four-stroke with liquid-cooled engine. YZF presents a five-speed transmission as well as dual-wheel disk brakes. Its manufacturer’s retail selling price is $6,990.

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