Using Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel in Old Vehicles

In recent times new advancements are made in fuels for diesel engines such as ultra low sulfur diesel fuel. The new fuel that is produced and introduced at local pumps is called ULS (Ultra Low Sulfur), often tagged as ULS 500 ppm. The new technology in this fuel has removed the use of sulfur, which means that that you are no longer using lubricant in the fuel of your vehicle.

It is vital information for the people who possess the vehicles that are older then the 2000 model. Oil was used in the older fuels for your vehicles causing a serious damage to the diesel engine of the car, and now it needs to live on. It is important to have correct knowledge of using ultra low sulfur diesel fuel in older vehicles, otherwise it won’t be useful. EPA wanted to remove older fuels as they contained lubricant or oil causing harm to the environment. This is really a serious issue to deal with as we live in this environment too.

Lubricant is used in the car’s fuel system by different moving parts and O’rings. If we stop using the oil in the fuel the O’rings will get dry and thus leading to fuel leakage. The latest O’rings available are meant for using ultra low sulfur diesel fuel. Moreover, the moving parts get addicted to that lubricant and if we remove it; the fuel pump will burn out or make the seals to leak.

If you begin to use ultra low sulfur diesel fuel in your old cars then the injection pump of the car will break down and you may need to tow the vehicle. The injection pump has metal components that are in direct contact having that lubricant in them, but now they no longer will be using it.

The estimated cost for the repair of 99 Dodge Ram parts is:

  • Labor rate: $65-90 (USD)
  • O’rings required for fuel lines: $3 with labor cost for 1 hour
  • Fuel pump: $260 with labor cost for 2-3 hours
  • Fuel injection pump: $2,500 including labor cost

You can use diesel additives that not only work but also save your expenses for repairing your vehicle. Don’t use ATF in the fuel because its use is illegal and is also harmful for latest diesel engines. These additives are easily available in the local stores but they can’t work for hundred gallons of engine fuel.

You may read the labels of the additives that mention the use of Slick Diesel to be really good, because this lubricant is permitted to be used in the ultra low sulfur diesel fuel. It has added advantage that in diesel fuels it lowers the gelling point, which is beneficial for the people who live in the areas with temperature of 30 degrees or less.

These additives in ultra low sulfur diesel fuel help to save the cost for the semi trucks if you are over the truck driver. Moreover, it helps to keep the injection system unsoiled and leads to lesser fuel consumption saving your cost.

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