What Does Full Coverage Cover on Auto Insurance?

Full coverage insurance is usually called as carrying collision and comprehensive insurance. You can get this insurance coverage by paying for it. It is essential and has to be maintained in case if there is a lien holder engaged, it is that time when you disburse on a car loan.


If you have a luxurious and expensive vehicle then it is better to purchase a full coverage cover for it although it is not necessary for ordinary vehicles. It will then benefit you in case of serious damages or even in the loss of your vehicle. .

Auto Insurance

Collision Coverage:

Collision coverage is usually comes about in case when you collide with something. This thing can be another vehicle, an animal on the road, or otherwise a telephone pole.  Then you normally pay for damages to repair or even replace your car as well as the vehicle or property of the other party (s) concerned.

Comprehensive Coverage:

Comprehensive coverage usually works in situations when your vehicle gets damaged because of flood, hail, rainstorm, vandalism, fire, or theft.


In some cases insurance coverage doesn’t help you repair or replace your vehicle. For instance in case if a driver with a history of DUI convictions as well as a suspended driver’s license is driving your car, then your insurance company may possibly refute your claim.


Although, full coverage insurance is too costly to maintain as compared to liability insurance which covers up just the other party’s property plus medical expenses. Usually there is a deductible of about $250 to $1,000.

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